12 Ways Woman Can Make a Man Fall In Love With Her

How to Make a man fall inlove

Below are some tips on how you can make a man you love fall in love with you within a short period of time.

1. Look Good
Men are visual beings, work on the first thing a man sees when he looks at you. Highlight what is unique to you, dress appropriately for your body.

2. Smell Good
Looking good will pull him towards you, smelling good will excite him.

3. Smile Sincerely in Front of Him
When a woman smiles and shows warmth in front of a man, it encourages him to dig a little deeper.

4. Make His Work Progressively Easy
Work with him, he cannot make any inch closer to you without your help.

5. Show Him You Respect Yourself
When a man sees the woman respecting herself, he sees in her a woman worth the effort. He wants someone grown, who can hold her own; a woman with values and principles.

6. Throw Him Hints
Even though it’s the man’s role to pursue the woman, she should signal him that she wants to be hunted. Use suggestive words to him, throw a hint about what you like, indirectly tell him your preferences, he will get the point.

7. Be Real With Him
You expect him to impress you by him being real and so you make him fall for you by being real, don’t pretend to be the woman you are not.

8. Be Available But Not Desperate
When he asks you out, make time. Pick up his phone calls, let him be able to reach you but don’t become possessive too early in his pursuit of you. A woman who appears to be desperate and in a rush confuses the man or even worse makes him hold back to stop or find a new pace.

9. Reward Him
When he does something good for you, acknowledge it. Say thank you, let him know he is on the right track.

10. Ask Him Questions
Men love it when the woman also shows interest in him. Don’t make it always about you.

11. Surprise Him
Suddenly plant a kiss on his cheek, buy him a nice gift, do something that shows you also got game. Men love a woman who can match their charm.

12. Trust Him
The more a man feels the woman trusts him, the more he gets to trust her. Woman, you hold the secret to trust, he also has fears. Just like you are taking a risk in engaging him, he is taking a risk in pursuing you.

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