Monday, February 25, 2019

MTN 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat - How To Get Premium Canada Servers On Hammer VPN

This cheat is unlimited and will be enjoyed more if you purchased a premium server with Hammer VPN.

However, recently, the developers of the VPN have discovered that Nigerians are using their service and even overwhelming their servers. They decided to block some of their premium servers like Germany and Singapore servers (these are the servers that are receiving huge traffic).

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Now, Premium users cannot browse free with Germany and Singapore servers at this time only the free German and Netherlands servers are connecting for now but not unlimited.

But never mind, cause in this post, I will teach you how to get Premium Canada Server and note that it works only for rooted phones.


1. A rooted Android Phone
2. A Premium Hammer VPN account
2. Market Unlocker App - Download Here
3. Hammer VPN with Canada Access - Download Here. OR Download Here (For Non-Nigerians)

How To Get Premium Canada Servers On Hammer VPN And Get Unlimited Free Browsing

1. After you have successfully downloaded and installed the Market Unlocker App on your rooted device.

2. Launch the App and switch on the Three(3) Options on the main page.

3. After that, swipe left (to the
next tab ) and choose any Canada flag by tapping on it.

4. The next step is to uninstall the old version of Hammer VPN on your phone and download the new one that has Canada access in the link provided above.

5. Input your Premium user name and password credentials.

6. Open server list and select any Premium Canada server . {Input 8080 in the Rport and
Lpost box}.

7. Finally, click CONNECT and enjoy amazing speed just like Germany servers.

Note: Every time you disconnect and exit the app, it will change all the settings back to default servers. You will then have to uninstall and install Hammer VPN and fill in your details and ports again.

This stuff works like magic and it should get you connected to any Canada server of your choice within seconds if you followed the above procedures correctly.

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