Thursday, March 14, 2019

Latest 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings On Mtn Using Stark VPN 2019

It's sad knowing that the hammer VPN cheat we were flexing have stopped working today but we've brought an alternative way to set up free browsing on your mtn Sim and it works with stark Vpn.

The settings I'm going to drop below for stark VPN is capped at 50mb daily, but at least it should serve for sending some messages and reading mails pending the time unlimited browsing will show up.

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Without much introduction, let's go straight to the point. Below are the requirements

đŸš„ An Android phone.
đŸš„ MTN sim without data.
đŸš„ 3G or 4G network connection.
đŸš„ Stark VPN - Download Here.

✅ After installing the Stark VPN, launch it.

* Then under Select Tweak, choose Custom.
* Tap the Custom at the right corner.
* Now, tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP
* Tap Server Port and put 8080.
* Click, Header Host and put or
* Select Header Line Type and choose
* Tap Proxy Host and input
* Tap Proxy Por t and put 8080
¤ Then go back to the app main page.
✅ Tap on the Power Button to CONNECT.

Now, you can minimize Stark Vpn and start browsing the internet for free.

Enjoy while it lasts.

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