Monday, April 1, 2019

Glo Has Now Terminate Special Data Offer Of 1.2GB for N200

It's really painful seeing the cheap internet access being cut off.

The GLO special 1.2gb for 200 special offer was unveiled late last year (2018) and since then, it has brought the network lots of customers and the quest for browsing cheat is no longer rampart.

But, few days back, i tried to subscribe to the offer; only to fins out it has been taken down by GLO.

Which means, if you dial *777# > 1 > 1 > 5 the only offer you'll be faced with is campus booster which isn't recommendable.
Funny enough, my own special data subscription just expired today.

Nevertheless, GLO still have us in mind as you can subscribe to their 2.4GB for N500 data plan.

But, in a case where you are obsessed with N200 subscription you can switch to 9mobile and enjoy their 1GB for N200 offer (Sim Selective). Or

MTN 1GB for N200 offer (Sim Selective).

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