Sunday, July 7, 2019

How To Download Youtube Videos On All Devices

By reading this post you'll get to know how you can download YouTube videos on your different phones. You all are aware that videos in youtube can't be downloaded.

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YouTube is a platform where people and organizations upload and share different types of videos either for adverts, tutorials, fun, and even live streams. But there is one feature of Youtube that gets people worried and sad most times. And that is downloading the videos you see on youtube. Sometimes you come across a very nice and interesting video and you wish to download it on you PC or smartphones so that you can watch it later but YouTube says NO. Its quiet annoying and discouraging.

You can only stream them but wait I have a simple magic for you. I believe this simple tutorial will go a long way in relieving you from the limitations Youtube placed on uploaded videos on the official YouTube website.

This trick works on any internet enabled phone; even small jarva phones and old model blackberry phones. So its a trick for all.

Simble Steps To Download Youtube Videos On Yourr Phone
The more interesting fact you will like about this trick is that you don’t need any app to do this at all, all you have to do is just locate your favorite mind blowing youtube videos, and apply the word magic as seen below;

==>E.g Let's say you want to download this movie

* To download, You just have to apply "magic" in-between like this

Immediately you do this, your download will automatically start. Another interesting aspect here is that you can change the video qualities you want to download from the options listed.

It works on all device that has been empowered to surf the internet.

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