Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How To Earn More Than 2Million Naira Online For Free This July, Latest Way To Earn Money Online July 2019

Are you looking for a way to earn it big online in july 2019? if yes kindly read this article carefully, follow instructions provided and you're good to go.

Opera news is currently doing giveaway of 200 Million Naira which will be shared by some lucky winners who are using opera news app. And this offer is gonna be live until the final day of Africa Cup Of Nation(AFCON).

You can also be one of the lucky winners, all you've to do is follow below instructions.

Download and install Scooper News App Now and get free airtime, unlimited data, iphone x, dubai trip and real cash to your bank account with ease. learn more about the app By Clicking Here.

How To Start Getting Opera News AFCON Rewards Upto 200Million
* Download Opera News App Here

* Signup using your facebook account or phone number.

* Enter V0N5B7 as you invite code.

* Switch to the "ME" icon at the button right of the app and tap on "Click To Share 20million"

* Now it'll take you to where you'll be asked to shake your phone as you can see below.

* Click on "My Prize" to see the rewards you've won for yourself.

* Continue shaking your phone and start getting rewards per shake and you can cashout your reward at your convinient time. For airtime reward, you need to get atleast 100naira airtime before you can cashout, other rewards are Puzzle reward, vouchers and so on.

* The puzzle reward is based on date interval, for instance from july 9 - july 18, 50 million naira will be shared among lucky winners who shake and recieve all the puzzles required, you can get more chances by inviting your friends with your code so as to get more gold puzzles. Try your luck you might be one of the lucky millionaire before AFCON ends.

Note: the amount of shakes per day is 13 shakes but you can increase your shakes by inviting your friends or Click Here to learn how to increase your shakes unlimitedly with this tutorial.

Note: Don't forget to use V0N5B7 as your invite code when signing in after downloading the app.

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