Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How To Start Getting Upto 7GB Free Data On 9mobile For One Year

9mobile has their own special store where anyone, mostly their subscribers can purchase smartphones, routers, pre-owned devices, airtime, data and so on. This store is called, 9mobile eShop.

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When you make purchases on the 9mobile eShop, you get rewarded for making those purchases. Most of the time, the rewards you receive from 9mobile when you make a purchase from the eShop is free data to browse.

We all know that good things come to those who wait for new offers from these telecom operators, and most times, it is true. With the new 9mobile offer, you can get up to 7GB data for free on the 9mobile network. 9mobile Nigeria took to their one of their social handles;

From the tweet above, you can see that if you make a smartphone purchase from 9mobile eShop, you will get 7GB free data for a whole year. Cool right? So, what are you waiting for to enjoy this free data spree, head onto to get started.

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