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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Top Ten Hottest Countries In Africa, What Number Is Your Country

hottest african countries

Africa is the second largest continent (after Asia ), covering about one-fifth of the total land surface of Earth. The continent is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the mingling waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Africa is one the hottest continents on the planet. It should be known that the hottest country often changes from year to year. Which is due to weather and climate variation. Actually, the only continent that never freezes is Africa, no wonder we complain it never snows over here. Well, below are the top 10 hottest countries in Africa;

1. Ethiopia

This particular country is known as the hottest country in Africa. The town of Dallol holds the record for having the average annual temperature. In dallol, it is recorded that there is never a breakdown heat anywhere in that place.

The place dallol is now a ghost town, due to the vast amount of heat that place is producing. Back in the year 1960, the place was known as a mining settlement. The place is a volcanically active region, so the heat actually comes from a different direction.

2. Botswana

Botswana is the second among the hottest countries in Africa, for the most part of the year. The climate in Botswana is said to be semi-arid. Summer days are hot in the country especially in the weeks that precede the coming of the cooling vanes. Because of this, the shade temperature rises to 38 degree Celsius and then reaches a blistering 44 degree Celsius on rare occasion. It should be known that from November to march the weather is very hot over there as there is plenty of sunshine. Lots of facts and so many research has been done to be able to place Botswana in this position.

3. Mali

Mali is very hot. The place called Timbuktu is rated as one of the hottest places ever, the place is being referred to be slowly overtaken by the encroaching Sahara Desert . Timbuktu is known before as a city that has one of the world greatest collection of ancient manuscript and it is also referred as a thriving centre for scholarship. The temperature at Timbuktu has been recorded to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit which is earned as an essence and the street of the city and frequently buried in the windswept sand.

4. Somalia

This is a country that is known to see little rain all year long. The average temperature in Somalia is about 50 degrees and the place has been ravaged by drought and famine. The people of Somalia are in total starvation because they find it hard to grow food in their soils lack of irrigation is also another cause of starvation and drought and famine.

5. Sudan

This country is known as one of the hottest in North Africa. Sudan has dry desert land with an average temperature of 50 degree Celsius. The major problem a country has is desertification which is due to over rising of temperatures. The city wadi halfa in Sudan is one of the hottest city there, the city has to endure lots of terrible dust and storms. Famine has hit Sudan which now makes the availability of food in the country to be scarce. Sudan also receives no rainfall at all.

6. Algeria

The temperature of Algeria is very hot throughout the year and they also have deserts. In some areas of Algeria, it should be known that there are snow-capped mountains in some areas of the country but they are desert, which is expanded all over the place. The average temperature in Algeria is about 50-53 degree Celsius with the hottest temperature which is been recorded in the region of Sulah. Unlike other hottest countries in Africa, Algeria is blessed with rainfall.

7. Tunisia

This country is rated as one of the hottest in Africa and also ranked among the hottest in the world. Kebili is one of the place, the people go to escape the hotness of the sun, but over there is just another high temperature. Kebili is no stranger to high temperatures, the mercury has topped out at over 131 degrees which are noted as a list of the highest ever recorded in Africa. Now come to think of it, lots of people have lived in Kebili for a long period of time, people have actually stayed in that place.

8. Libya

There is a place in Libya called El Aziza, this place has made history after a weather station recorded the highest temperature which is ever directly measured on earth. It was recorded at 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the record stood for 90 years. We can see that Libya is actually a very hot country but the el Aziza’s record has been downgraded, there is also doubt that the region can even reclaim it back, however, Chadames is now rated as another hot city in Libya, it has been shown that the people have to live in mud houses to withstand the heat.

9. Chad

Chad is one of the African countries that has been affected by desertification which is due to its hot climate. The climate in chad is desert in the north with highs above 40 degrees Celsius this often takes place from April to October and the highest recorded temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius. Chad has also recorded the hottest day in history, this was on June 22nd, 2010, the temperature in the country reached 47.6 degree Celsius this was at Faya, a place in chad. It has been noted that these hot seasons are not actually good for tourist to visit the country by then, as the country will not be comfortable for them.

10. Niger

This African country is very hot and very dry. It has been shown that eight migrants died of thirst while traveling across the Niger desert to Algeria. Niger has also been recorded for one of the hottest days in history on June 22, 2010, at then the temperature reached 47.1 degree Celsius in the city of Bilma, that city broke the record again on June 23 and topped out at 48.2 degree Celsius.