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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This Is What the Bible Says About Drinking Alcohol and Whine That Will Surprise You

What the bible says about Alcohol

What is the Bible saying about drinking of alcohol generally? To know this, read the Bible Verses I'm about to unveil below.

Bible verse that talk about drink wine that will not be in execess which mean you can drink in moderation and also says you can drink for the for benefit of the body. Most Christians believe that drinking alcohol is a sin and therefore, it should be avoided.

Whereas,taking alcohol was never a sin in the Bible, even Jesus Christ, turned ordinary water, to wine at the wedding feast, that took place in the Bible.

Where do Christians see all this believe? God created palm trees,so that human kind can tap palm wine from it, for the benefit of the body. Is palm wine not alcoholic? Have you never tasted palm wine before? Didn't you like the taste when you tasted it?. So, below are some bible verses that talked about about taking alcohol;

1. In 1st Timothy 5v23, the bible says
"drink no longer water, use a little wine for thy stomach's benefit and thine often infirmities"

2. In Ecclesiastes 9v7, the bible says
"Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy and drink thy wine With a merry heart, for God now accept thy work".

3. Another scripture to back it up is John 2v9 "When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was, the governor of the feast called the bridegroom".

Aside the Bible, alcohol has a lot of benefits for human beings' health.

I hope you won't join in the believe that, any righteous person won't take alcohol. Because, taking alcoholic wine is never a sin.

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