40 people Are Dying Of Covid19 Daily In Tanzania – Tanzania Covid19 Result Shock the World

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People are Dying in Tanzania

Tanzania opposition has accused the government of sabotaging efforts to release details of cases in the country. In fact life in the country is normal and social distancing rules and mitigation mechanisms remains a story people hear from media. Number of cases in our neighbouring Tanzania. It’s alarming and Kenya is already falling victim of the weak link on porous borders.

The mainland Tanzania put halt to all reporting of cases and hence no updates on folding of the pandemic in the country. In fact Magufuli has gone silent and on the matter. He no longer receive calls from our regional leaders. According to Raila he tried to reach out to him but all efforts was in vain.

Credible information reaching out desk indicate that COVID19 crisis in Tanzania is now critical! Zambia has closed its border with Tanzania. A well placed source in Dar es Salam claims they have 16,467 cases tested positive, 1,293 dead and only 118 recoveries! 40 people are dying of covid19 daily.

This is alarming and Kenya needs to close it’s borders fast cause there is rising cases in Kajiado and counties bordering Tanzania. Nine truck drivers has tested positive today in Kajiado from Tanzania.

Zambia is shutting and closing it’s borders with Tanzania to tame spread of the virus. Zambia has raised alarm as it recorded 76 cases from border with Tanzania as daily cases rise by 85 in the country.


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