5 Tips to Naturally Increase Your Chances Of Giving Birth to Triplets

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Naturally Increase Chance to Born Triplets

From a biological point of view, giving birth to triplets is mostly associated with family history.

However, there are natural things you can do that will help you achieve your aspirations and chances of having triplets.

Well, here are the things to consider if you need to conceive triplets;

1. Consume Yams, Dairy Products and Milk
These foods are nutritious in nature. They have many health benefits in the body. Apart from the nutrients derived from them, it is believed that using these foods on a daily basis can awfully increase your chances of giving birth to triplets. So, you better start eating them if you need to achieve your aspirations.

2. Eat Foods That Stimulate Progesterone Production
Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is known for the release of an egg during ovulation. In this case, the foods include fatty fish like sardines, fruits and vegetables and also consider iron-rich foods. These foods are said to boost your chances of giving birth to triplets.

3. Increase Your Body Weight
This is also among the things you need to take into consideration. To gain weight, you will be required to eat enough foods and do some workouts.

4. Quit smoking and Drinking Alcohol
Cigarettes and alcohols are menaces to our overall health. You need to have triplets, right? Then stop the above-mentioned habits.

5. Take a folic acid supplement on a daily basis to increase your chances of having triplets.


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