7-year-old Indian girl is turning to a stone because of this rare condition

A 7-year-old girl in India is slowly turning into stone owing to a rare skin condition that leads to painful, scaly and hard blisters all over her body.

The child whose name is Rajeshwari lives in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. She suffers from an incurable condition called ichthyosis which causes her skin to become scaly.

The rough blisters have covered her arms, legs and most of her back and make it painful for her to walk or even sit.

While Rajeshwari’s condition is not life-threatening, daily life is a pain as the blisters hurt as she engages even in the smallest of tasks.

While her face and body are untouched by the condition, the rest of the body suffers the brunt. One can feel her pain just by looking at her pictures.

Rajeshwari’s condition is so rare that according to The Daily Star, she is just one of the 24 people in the world who reportedly have the disease. The disease attacks the process of skin regeneration and this makes the skin flaky and hard.

There has not been any major breakthrough in terms of research. Currently, science has no cure for this ailment,’ said Dr Satyaki Ganguly of the All India Institute of Medical Science in Raipur.

Medics say ichthyosis patients are also liable to suffer from overheating because of a reduced ability to sweat.

We wish her quick recovery.

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