70 Years Old Woman Was Caught Having S£x With a Young Guy In Her Late Husband’s House and They Did This to Her

Old woman caught having sex

There are different situations in this world that we can’t just understand. This is usually because there are a vast number of ways that people usually do wrong things and this has the effect of demeaning the reputation of the society.

These issues have seem to grow alot over the years and frankly speaking, it is no joke on how much it has grown.

In the same vein, I came across a shocking and somewhat bizarre story about how an old woman could fall prey to such wrongdoings.You might be wondering what an old woman could possibly do wrong right? We’ll stick along and get the full story.

According to source, an old woman was caught doing the most unforgivable thing with a young man. She was in a romp to the young fellow but that wouldn’t be an issue on a normal day but see why it’s an issue.

This becomes an issue because all these happened in her late husband’s house. After the 70-year old woman was caught with her 30 year old partner, they were made to face the beat after they were paraded around the whole community.

They were allegedly caught by the woman’s granddaughter who raised an alarm and reported the dual to the elders in the community.

According to their customs, it is a taboo for a woman to do such and she has to provide three goats to appease the land before she can be forgiven and accepted. See picture of the incident below;

In my opinion, I don’t think that the old lady should have done such even if her husband is late, she should’ve respected his memory by not doing such.

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