77-year-old mum questioned after son, 45, claims he was trapped for months in cellar in Austria – report says

A 45-year-old man has reportedly claimed he was trapped in a basement by his 77-year-old mother for months.

Police in the Austrian capital of Vienna said that the man was discovered at the property after his mother called emergency services and told them her son had a stomach pain.

The 45-year-old was found to be in bad health and taken to hospital, according to local reports.

On the way to hospital, the man reportedly said his elderly mother had kept him locked in the basement since April.

According to Austrian broadcaster ORF, the 77-year-old woman has since been questioned by police and claimed her son could leave the basement whenever he wanted and that she had been caring for him.

One witness reportedly saw the son in the garden before the start of the summer holidays.

“That coincides with the statement that the 45-year-old could leave at any time. Why he didn’t do that is currently unknown,” police spokesman Daniel Furst told ORF.

Officers have not yet been able to speak to the son because of his poor condition, he added.

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