9 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Start Eating African Walnut

African walnut is a powerful plant that has been notable for its remarkable benefits to human health. Botanically known as Plukenetia conophora or Tetracarpidium conophorum, the African walnut is of the family of Euphorbiaceae.

The African walnut is mostly found in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa. In the Western part of Nigeria, it is known as “ASALA”

Here are some health importance of this fruit:

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1. Good for the heart
Have you heard of L-arginine before? It’s very vital for those suffering from hypertension and other heart diseases! And guess what? African walnuts have loads of it!

2. Boosts Sperm production
These fruits are regarded as fertility boosters and it has been seen as well from medical research that men who eat African walnuts on daily basis are prone to have increased sperm quality. The presence of healthy fatty acids in these nuts such as omega-3 fatty acid among others plays a great role in sperm development and fertility boosting in women as well as men.

For instance, taking a serving of this nut for over 8 weeks has been shown to boost men’s fertility.

3. Weight loss
To shed off that excess body weight, belly fat and reduce body cholesterol, the African walnut is a top choice snack for you. But know that you must stick to the serving size because they are quite high in calories.

4. Helps manage sleep disorder
In addition, for those having disturbed sleep especially at night, taking this special nut before bedtime might be that magic pill you need because it increases your melatonin which acts on your brain and signal your body to give you a sound sleep.

5. Manages Irregular menstrual flow
Also, African walnuts are rich in omega 3 Fatty acids which aid to regulate hormone levels and manage menstrual cramps pains . African walnut is completely healthy for men and women. When I say African walnuts, I mean the nuts and all the derivatives.

Walnut leaf extract is another natural antioxidant that plays a good role in regulating menstrual flow.

It helps to improve proper menstrual flow and inhibit menstrual flaws experienced by several women while menstruating.

6. Diabetes
African walnut is a healthy snack to help reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes.

7. Improves brain function
Walnut fruit is a good source of vitamin B-6 also known as pyridoxine which helps the human brain to function properly and improves cognitive ability.

The healthy fats and pyridoxine in African walnuts are key facilitators to improving cognitive function. Growing kids should tap from this benefit as well!

8. Boosts immune system
With the high antioxidant and iron content of African walnut, you are sure to ward off infections, anaemia and even eye related problems by just consuming a serving of this nut daily!

9. It Prevents Cancer
African walnuts have been shown to play a vital role in reducing the risks of prostate and breast cancer in humans.

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