99 Percent Of Christians Don’t Understand the Bible Because of This – Rabbi Explains

Rabbi Leichem, a spiritual leader or religious teacher in Judaism. One becomes a rabbi by being ordained by another rabbi, following a course of study of Jewish texts such as the Talmud has stated why 99% of Christians do not understand the Bible.

The reason for that hangs on the fact that the Bible come to us in English and in different versions.

There are self evident differences in various Bible versions other than just linguistic or dialectic variations. He wrote; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

This problem came because of the so called Reformation. The church aggressively fought against individual translations of the Bible. The church finally did not succeed and that is the big problem today.

Thank God that the original translation by the Catholic Church who assembled and compiled the Bible in the year 378AD at both councils of Trent and Hipo is still with the church and has 73 books and not 66 of the Protestant’s bible.

Rabbi Leichem Chayim, explains how 99% of Christians do not understand the Bible are immortal. He says “reading the scriptures outside their original languages is like kissing bride behind the veil”


  1. Amen

  2. Sir, that’s not the reason. You should know that the Roman Catholic Church wasn’t practicing the Bible. That was the reason for the Reformation. Dr Luther wrote 99 things that they believed and practicised that were not Biblical, which some of them were the Indulgence, this is where a sinner will pay money for his or her sin to be forgiven. The Rev.Father is the only person that should read the Bible, and interpret for others. The Pope has his soldiers for war ( for example, the Crusaders). These things were not in the Bible. Even the worship of Mary, and the false belief, that the Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, instead of symbolical (even when the father is the only person that drinks the Blood).
    So, the problem of not understanding the Bible has to do with not teaching the people from the Bible. For example, how many people that do know the difference between Materialism and Christianity or the Commercialization of the Gospel and the Salvation Message. How many people have read from Genexis to Revelation. Reading the Bible is one thing, applying or living by the text is a different thing. A disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ is the person that applies the text on his or her daily living(John 8:29-32).

  3. Did you read properly we the Rabbi wrote?

    • The Rabbi is right because our pastors comes with different explanation of the bible to sweet their selfish life style. I beleived understanding the bible is easy when people willing to trust and obey what he or she ready from the bible. Trust and obey will bring in the holy spirit for more clarification and understainf that full with wisdowm.

  4. The rabbi is hundred percent right

  5. You are right so many christian is not undastan bible, because witout the holy spirit you will not understan bible they lack holy spirit.

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