9mobile 60mb Daily Cheat Is Back And Better On AnonyTun VPN, See How To Configure

Good News as the 9mobile free browsing that capped at 60MB is back again with a new server on one of the most popular VPN app called “Anonytun”. This VPN helps to boost the server to browse freely on any app or websites that uses the internet.
9mobile has a lot of servers on the new Anonytun VPN App but many has been blocked and new ones keeps rising everyday because no one will be happy in buying the zapping 9mobile normal data plan when there is a Freebie available on the network.
The 9mobile 60MB was reported to be capped at 40MB – 51MB but on a good day, it was reported by users to capped at 60MB . Though, the data might be small for a heavy data user but at least, it can be used in checking Facebook notifications, browsing the internet and for doing some quick daily tasks.

How to Browse Free on 9Mobile Using Anonytun VPN App

* Firstly, download the Anonytun VPN App by clicking here and make sure you are using 9mobile SIM.
* After download, launch your Anonytun VPN application and toggle on ” Stealth Settings”.
* Set Connection Protocol to
HTTP and set Connection Port to 8080.
* Tap on ” EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS ” and proceed to the next steps.
*In the next page, set URL/HOST to
* Set Request Method to POST and Injection Method to Normal .
* Under Extra headers: Tick Keep Alive and User-agent .
* Tap on ” Generate ” and tap on ” Save “.

The 60MB Freebie from 9mobile is at least better than having none. You can surf when the ” Key ” sign has displayed signalling that the VPN has connected successfully.

Does this works for you? Kindly drop your comments.

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