9Mobile Freebrowsing cheat, How To Get 12 Months Data Bonus For Free

9Mobile is giving free internet data for 12 months for those that buys the brand customized smartphone called
9Mobile Rhino 2.

The phone is an entry level Android phone with low-end specs. You can check the full specifications here.
According to the announcement made on 9Mobile Facebook page which says;

Get the #9MobileRhino2 on https://goo.gl/bcYggW this Season and also enjoy up to 12 months of FREE data! #9mobileEshop #GiveBetaGift9ja

As you can see, the offer will be only for those that buys the phone this festive season. No word yet about the data size and if their is a limit or speed throttling at certain time. More information will be revealed as time goes on.

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