9mobile Latest Freebrowsing Cheat With Shadowsocks Vpn

Hello guys, today i bring to you another Freebrowsing cheat on 9mobile which could be done by using an app called Shadowsocks vpn, see all you need to know about the cheat and the App below;
What Is Shadowsocks VPN
Shadowsocks VPN is a tunneling app delivering high-performance cross-platform secured socks5 proxy. The app allows you surf the internet privately and securely as well as bypassing restricted pages and websites. You can now download and install Shadowsocks to enjoy 9Mobile free browsing cheat on your Android devices with different servers.

Just like most other VPN app,
Shadowsocks requires some setups to make it work and trigger the 9Mobile free browsing cheat so on this post, I will quickly show you the latest settings that works as at the time of releasing this update.

The secret of this VPN is getting and using a valid server which comes as an IP. So if you have a working IP, the chances of it working for you is great. Well, for the cause of this post, I will unveil 3 active servers I just tested but note, it can get blocked at anytime. Well, there is no cause for alarm, once yours stops you just have to change your server with a valid IP. Having said that, let’s go straight to configuration.

* Your 9mobile sim with 0.00kb balance
* A stable 3g network
* Latest Shadow tunneler VPN app.
Download it here


* Install the VPN app from the download link above
* Open the app and click on the
plus sign icon ➕ above at the right
* Then tap on manual settings
Now use these details for the Profile settings;
* Profile name= Olexhome
* Server=
* Remote port= 10010
* Local port= 1080
* Password= www(dot)kxss(dot)me
* Encrypt method= AES-256-CFB
NOTE: In the password field, ensure you used (.) instead of dot, I only used this to prevent it from shrinking into the page title which will look totally confusing.

* Profile name= Olexhome
* server=
* Remote port= 10014
* Password= www(dot)kxss(dot)me
* Encrypt method= AES-256-CFB

* Profile name= WizyTechs
* server=
* Remote port= 443
* Password= 33805430
* Encrypt method= Select: [RC4-MD5]
Remember you only need just one of the three options. If one doesn’t work for you, use the other. After entering the settings, tap the SAVE button, then go back and tap the triangle 🔽 icon below the app to connect. Once it’s connected, the triangles color will change to green and you can minimize it and browse your favorite sites and social media.

NOTE: Sometimes, the browsing speed is not great and it disconnects often (though this usually happens if you use a poor IP) but you can help it by downloading an app called Connection Stabilizer booster.

However, if yours didn’t still work with any of the three settings above, just use this one I just got.

* IP/server:
* REMOTE PORT: 40011,
* ENCRYPTION: aes-256-cfb
* PASSWORD: vpnnest!@#123d

You may be wondering if this 9Mobile cheat is unlimited, the answer is NO. it’s still the 60MB 9mobile daily cheat.

I hope this works for you.

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