A Group Of Black People Beat Up a White Man For Calling Them The N’ Word During Protest In Chicago

Blacks beat up white man during protest

With the current commotion going on in The United States of America after the death of a black man, George Floyd, who was allegedly murdered by a police officer, Derek, both white and black people have taken it to the streets and protesting against such brutal killings by police against black people of which has led to racism criticisms and claims.

Almost every city in America, people have rioted and looted, burned police cars, and this has shaken the whole world with other countrues taking part in condemning such act of American police towards its own citizens.

On the other side, as black protesters were cruising around Chicago town in America, a white man decided to throw jabs and mock the protestors, we don’t know what got into him, the protestors immediately pulled up and run after him, and jumped him until he fell motionless. People who were around tried to defend him, and without them, things would have even gotten worse.

Nonetheless, it seems quite well in the pictures that someone stabbed the man because he was bleeding but not critically as you can see below.

Meanwhile, lots of people reacted to this and below are some of it;

What do you think about this? I’m sure if he doesn’t abuse them, they wouldn’t have beaten him and perhaps he should know that blacks aren’t happy due to George Floyd murder. Kindly drop your comments.

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