A Man’s Birth Month Says Everything About Him – See What Yours Says About You, You Will Be Surprised

Nobody knows exactly why, but many men born in the same month have similar personality types. What could make different guys from different places act so similarly? Below are some reasons why!


Men born in January are an intriguing combination of ambition and earnestness. They have big dreams, but their values restrain their baser impulses. They can come across as over-critical, and they have a hard time processing their feelings. They are intellectuals and look for the same in a partner.


February guys are romantics. It’s important to be patient with them, because they can be rather moody. February men are very bright. They can think in the abstract, and many are free spirits. Not everyone can understand them or cope with them. If they feel betrayed, February men will flee the relationship.


Men born in March have charm to spare. They are loyal partners. March men need to develop trust before they can fully let you into their hearts. When they get angry, it isn’t pretty. But when things are great, March men are a delight.


Men born in April are direct. There’s never a communication breakdown with an April man. April men do tend to be brittle and jealous, which can be a difficult combination. But when a man born in April really opens up to him, the level of sharing will make you both happy.


Men born in May know just who they are. If they start to seem stubborn, try to re-frame it as persistent. These men are often extremely handsome, and it can be hard for their partners to keep from being jealous. However, your strong-willed Adonis is all yours. Learn to trust in what you have.


Men born in June are creative and always seek out new challenges. One downfall is that they’re often blunt. A June man can’t hide how he feels. Your man is strong-willed, and always wants to have the upper hand.


People in July like to avoid confrontation. Your man’s motto is likely, “Measure twice, cut once.” Men born in July are attractive, honest and intelligent. He expects that same honesty and intellect from you.


Men born in August have big, open hearts. Sometimes they can come across as selfish, but they really do think of others. August men thrive around people with positive vibes. Though they don’t like negativity, they can laugh at themselves. And they love to be the center of attention.


Men born in September can be hot-headed if they feel they’ve been wronged. They never forgive betrayal, and look for lifelong love rather than flings. September men are magnetic, loyal and demanding lovers. They tend to be gorgeous both inside and out, which is how they get away with being extreme.


Men born in October can come across as shy but very bright. They know who they are and have strong character. Although their intelligence and attractiveness draws women in, they fear betrayal. Be patient with your man and continue to work at building trust.


Men born in November aren’t always book smart. But they are very savvy. They can sense dishonesty and other negative character traits. Your man knows his mind, and is never afraid to call someone out on their bad behavior.


Men born in December are often impatient. Perhaps they’re in a rush for spring to come? Although your man may be anxious, he gets things done. He always finds a workable solution for the issues that trouble him. Being around positive people, like you, is great for his spirit.

Does your man’s personality match these traits? Kindly drop your comments.

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