According to Relationship Experts, These Body Language Clues Will Let You Know Your Relationship Won’t Last

Clues that shows your relationship is in a mess

We always tend to believe that no matter what, our partner always conveys what is going on inside their heads. However, that is not always the case, and people convey not just with words, but through their body language as well. It isn’t exactly a good idea to seek out issues in a relationship. But sometimes, these issues only present themselves in the form of body language cues. If you are getting vibes that your partner wants out, you should start listening not just to what he or she conveys through words, but also to what their body is trying to communicate.

In fact, experts point out that body language clues are a bigger and clearer sign of what exactly is going on in a relationship than spoken words. Right from the way a person hugs to the way they stand, body language is capable of expressing every single thought going through a person’s mind, but is not necessarily said out loud in the form of spoken words. Are you curious to know what your partner’s feet, hands, or even elbows are trying to communicate? We’ve compiled some body language clues that experts believe are a signal that your relationship is in a mess. Below are 4 body language clues that are signal that your relationship is in a mess;

1. Touches That Don’t Last Long
According to relationship experts, when a relationship is going through tough times, partners often touch their significant other only through their fingertips, or for a very brief period of time. This is called “distal touching” and is actually our subconscious mind telling us not to touch the person because they are dislikeable. So, if you find your partner touching you very less or just through fingertips, it is possible that they are not feeling the love sentiments anymore.

2. Short And Curt Responses
If you notice your partner giving those short, one-word answers to your questions such as a simple “yes,” “OK,”, and “no,” it is a very clear verbal signal that your relationship is heading down the wrong path. Of course, it could also mean that your partner is simply busy or tired, but if their short responses are usually with an agitated or aggressive tone, you can safely assume that you are the primary source of frustration for them.

3. Lack Of Enthusiasm In The Bedroom
One of the biggest body language clues that your partner is unhappy and wants out is his or her lack of interest in the bedroom. S** requires a good connection in order to be enjoyed, and when either partner is not responsive enough to it or avoids it completely, it is a very clear sign that they are really bothered and unhappy with the relationship.

4. Lesser Enthusiastic Hugs
You should pay close attention to the way your significant other hugs or kisses you, and see if it feels any different. According to experts, kissing is a combination of emotional, physiological, and biological aspects. So, if your partner isn’t interested, it is time for you to prepare for those serious talks.

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