Ads could soon make their way to your smartphone lock screen

Apparently, in the 21st century anything can become a source of revenue. Even your lock screen, the part of your smartphone’s user interface with which you interact the most on a subconscious level, could become a venue for retailers to bombard you with ads.

Just give it a thought. How many times a day, on average, do you take a look at your lock screen? In all likelihood the answer is a lot. No wonder companies are seeing the potential for a possible exploit.

Every time you check the time, your social media notifications or even simply look at your smartphone out of boredom you could be seeing an ad. You will be targeted as many times as you interact with your headset.

Sounds dystopian, right? Well, it could well become a reality. This is exactly what Glance, a company backed by Google, is proposing, reports TechCrunch in a recent article.

The latter stipulates that Glance is currently in the process of bringing lock screen ads to Android smartphones in the US. The company, which primarily works with device manufacturers, has since shifted its attention to mobile carriers, given that the majority of smartphone sales in the US happen through them.

At any rate, Glance could launch its first smartphone models to feature lock screen ads in the next couple of months, according to TechCrunch. It should be noted, however, that this is not an entirely novel idea.

The idea of implementing ads in the software interface of some smartphones (usually, budget options, because the ad revenue can offset the lower price tag) has been thrown around for quite some time.

The only difference is that the companies that first considered the idea (e.g. Samsung and Xiaomi) never intended to make such a controversial practice mainstream. Glance could well do just that. This begs the question – where do we draw the line when it comes to ads?


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