Africans Are the Lowest Form Of Human Being With High Crime Rates and Blacks Who Fuck Around China Must Die Soon – Chinese Racist Group Reveals

On Saturday evening, A lot happened on twitter between Chinese and south Africans after a screenshot emerged of a secret social media group of racist Chinese People. A screenshot from the group had leaked out. The screenshot was filled with hate messages from Chinese People who wanted Africans in their land dead.

See screenshot of leaked chat.

Africans in China must die

After the screenshot emerged, South African threatened to shut down all operations belonging to Chinese people in retaliation to this evidence:

Some called for SABC to end all Chinese films airing on Friday nights. Finally, others apologised for not supporting Donald Trump when he called the Corona Virus a Chinese Virus.

While other people felt that although the Chinese people are racist but this is now the perfect time for Africans to build and develop their own countries rather than traveling to other countries and helping them to develop their economy, infrastructures, it is time for Africa to create their own religions, industries, cultures and economies.

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