Africans Should Stop Talking About the Death Of Jesus and Start Talking About Dying Africa – South African Man Says

A South Africa bishop by name Bishop Joshua Maponga, have caused a lot of controversies in his recent interview when he urged Africans to stop talking about Jesus who have died and resurrected and start talking about dying Africa. According to the controversial bishop, Africa is dying.

The bishop noted that Africa is like those thieves crucified with Jesus Christ on the cross, saying that China and Other countries have crucified Africa and while Jesus that Africans are talking about is no longer on the cross, Africa is still crucified on the cross and have not come down

The bishop lamented that the Christianity being practised is not what it should be, reinstating that Africa is dying and Christians are talking about death of Jesus instead of the dying Africa. The bishop who was live on the interview fielded the questions passed to him from his house.

Since the interview went public, many people are attacking the man saying he is not a true bishop but an anti Christ. They noted that the crucified and risen Christ is the main theme of the gospel and his salvation for man. They said that the bishop have deviated from the teaching of christ.

However, many people defended the bishop saying he was indeed speaking the truth, that Africa is dying from racism and exploitation.

Many African countries are so indebted that 20 years to come, they will never be free. Most of these countries are indebted to China mainly. Despite Africa’s rich natural resources, many people continue to live in wants and scarcity.

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