Airtel Cheat 2018, How to Flash Any Number With 0.0kb On Airtel Sim

Have you Ever wanted to call someone and you are out of airtime and you don’t want to borrow airtime? In this post, I will teach you how you can successfully flash a number on airtel without airtime on your sim card.

To borrow credit can sometimes be annoying especially because of the interest on it. Well Airtel has come to our aid in which you can actually flash any number of any network with 0.00kb credit on your sim.

Without further stories let’s get straight to the point.

How to Flash Any Number Without Airtime On Your Airtel Sim

1. Copy out the number you want to call.
2. On your dial-pad, Paste the number there.
3. Add ** at the beginning of the number. that is, it will be in this format**09012345678

4. Call the number, it will disconnect at your own end and It will ring once at the receivers end.

That’s All, You have flashed the number without having any credit on your phone.

This trick currently works with Airtel only and it doesn’t have limit. You can do it as many times as you like.

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