Airtel Daily Free Basics Facebook Browsing Now Capped At 20MB, See Full Details Below

The most used Facebook free service have been capped at 20MB data instead of the unlimited we used to get before.
Facebook free basics allows users to browse and chat on the popular messaging app for free without paying a dime for the access. Meanwhile, pictures and videos are not visible when on the free mode.

Over the years, Facebook is only available on Airtel and 9mobile networks in Nigeria and now, only Airtel network has seriously reduced the data to capped at 20MB and who knows if 9mobile will as well follow suite.

This was the message that was sent to all Airtel subscribers concerning the sudden reduction of free basics data volume, the message goes like this;

“Dear customers, please be informed that free Facebook is now capped at 20MB daily. For unlimited Facebook experience, dial *141# to activate a data plan.”

Below is the one they sent to me.;

So, you can clearly see that the unlimited has been capped and reduced to a certain data volume. Well, it’s good as they gave a prior notice.

Some subscribers bought Airtel SIM just because of this Airtel free basics feature, everyone knows their data plans are very cost and I think they are about losing more subscribers.

What is your opinions about the free facebook reduction? Kindly use the comment box below.

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  1. Na their luck

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