Airtel New Data Cheat – How To Activate Unlimited Data on Airtel For Free In 2019

With the Latest Airtel Data Reversal Cheat, you can earn up to 2-4GB for free without spending a dime enabling you stay longer on the web.

In this post we’ll be straight to the point but before then, let’s see what Airtel Reversal is and how it came to be.

What is Airtel Data Reversal
Airtel NG launched a new service that enables users to reverse the money used in subscribing for data.

For instance if you subscribed N1000 for 1.5GB, you can reverse the money after 24hours provided that you didn’t touch the main data. Simple as that.

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Getting Started With Airtel Reversal Cheat

Requirements :

1. Active New AIRTEL 4G Sim.

2. Subscribe to any of your desired data plan (1,000 above recommended) by dialing *141# and wait for a successful purchase SMS.

* After 24hrs you can reverse the initial money you used in subscribing by dialing *121*6# and your data will be reset as well.

* Subscribe again with your reversed Airtime and use only the bonus data only.

* Repeat same procedure after 24hrs.


Warning: Avoid subscribing to a package that has night plan inclusive .

That’s all you need to know about the AIRTEL Data reversal cheat and we’ll let you know of any update.

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  1. Guy this reversal thing na scam…ive tried it and they eat my money

  2. After the*121*6# field, there is another field requesting for a code and I don't know what code to insert

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