All African Pastors and Prophets Should Be Arrested After the Lockdown – Man Says

All African pastors should be arrested after Lockdown

An angry man has went online to express his feelings towards the way popular African pastors and prophets always claim they have power meanwhile they’re fake.

According to the man that expressed his feelings, Here is what he said;

After the lock-down all the so-called powerful Pastors should be arrested for theft. Clearly, they have been stealing from people in the name of God. Demanding tithes, offerings and the so called ‘seed’ from their congregants. Day light robbery indeed.

The covid 19 situation has exposed all fake prophets. They have been claiming to have healing powers, and obviously that is a lie. If they really had healing powers, they were supposed to be healing covid 19 patients. We were supposed to be safe as Africans because these prophets and pastor are flooded in our continent.

The government should have facilities to test whether a person who claims to be a prophet is really a true prophet. Because people are being robbed under their watch. Something has to be done by the government for the financial safety of the people. There must be a system to test the so called ‘man of God’, not to undermine Christianity, but to make sure that no thieves that takes advantage of the poor people.

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