All African Pastors and Prophets Should Be Arrested Because of This

An angry man has went online to express his feelings towards the way popular African pastors and prophets always claim they have power meanwhile they’re fake.

According to the man that expressed his feelings, Here is what he said; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

After the lock-down all the so-called powerful Pastors should be arrested for theft. Clearly, they have been stealing from people in the name of God. Demanding tithes, offerings and the so called ‘seed’ from their congregants. Day light robbery indeed.

The covid 19 situation has exposed all fake prophets. They have been claiming to have healing powers, and obviously that is a lie. If they really had healing powers, they were supposed to be healing covid 19 patients. We were supposed to be safe as Africans because these prophets and pastor are flooded in our continent.

The government should have facilities to test whether a person who claims to be a prophet is really a true prophet. Because people are being robbed under their watch. Something has to be done by the government for the financial safety of the people.

There must be a system to test the so called ‘man of God’, not to undermine Christianity, but to make sure that no thieves that takes advantage of the poor people.

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  1. Not all pastors are fake,though it is true that have joined Illuminati, just to be famous and be rich.
    Forgetting that not all miracles are sanctioned from heaven.Revelation 16:13-15.

  2. Idikilawari kio Lawson
    Idikilawari kio Lawson

    You don’t need to arrest any pastor. But it’s you that’s looking for them. I don’t think if you read your Bible and follow the instructions, you’ll not need them. You’re to blame yourself. We have millions of Nigerians that doesn’t believe in those pastors and yet living successfully without any demons following them. Just be yourself that’s all. Just believe that, the holy Bible is real. Go in there and your problems will be solved inno distance time. Thank you and remain bless

    • May God almighty give you more wisdom and knowledge of understanding long life and prosperity so shall it be.
      May God almighty give you more wisdom and knowledge of understanding long life and prosperity so shall it be.

      Anyone who is claiming to be prophet, that God didn’t call him or her is a pity because in the last day God will judge everybody according to his or her own work thanks all.remaind blessed be wise.

    • That man has no right to decide for God who to do about men of God ,he is not the one that called those men of God ,so he should leave them alone for God to judge them
      If we check him he may be found wanting too,it is not by curing covid-19 that we know that men of God are working ,how many cases of covid – 19 has taking to the men God and they could not cure it ?

  3. I want my messages to be published in your platform tell what to do in my email

  4. This person is too personal. He should check himself. He should leave pastors alone. God said judgement will start from God’s house. That is enough food for thought. That man should take away sentiments and let us face reality .

  5. You shall know them by their fruits

  6. Pastor Edward James
    Pastor Edward James

    I am a Pastor from Liberia

  7. The end will tell

  8. Only God knows hw truly serve him
    Only God can judge

  9. World medical researchers are still investigating Africans with little or no medical infrastructures, breaking all covid-19 protocols ( no social distancing, facemasks…). Are least affected by covid-19 compared to nations more technological, medically advanced. Let me boldly give gou the answer- The God & prayers of the pastors & prophets you insults. May God have mercy on those who despise men that God honors.

  10. God is still working in our continent today, only believe on HIM for your miracle..

  11. This man should first remove the beam in his own eyes, before that of the men of God, his problem is, he lacks knowledge and know not the power of God, Jesus already spoke of false prophets, so is not new to bible based christians, “leave them alone let them grow together, I will send my angels to separate the wheat from the tires” says the Lord, it shouldn’t be government problem.
    So that man should not darkened knowledge with confusion.

  12. I wonder where and how this generation is mentored. I was one one mohamedian, they are haters, fornicators, fetish, etc.. But they covered each other secret in house. But in christianity somebody can just wake up, Cos a pastor was alledge to have done one thing, you just rush him.. This is happening bcos we lack understanding.. How can you destroy a fallen fellow. How many of you pray for pastors, are they not humans?. Many people do not know What Pastors go tru. The Covid 19 came but BELIEVERS JIONT PRAYERS, deliever us all.
    Pls, my brethren.. We have great assignment the church is under attack, there are strangers among us, some are machinery of Ishmaelite, we see them as family but they see u as enemies. Let us guide our Heritage… If you dey vex for God, ibeg run to him… If u dey vex for ministers Success u go die quick’ o
    , look beyind every Success theres a Story’o..
    #Our enemies whom we take as friend are planning and killing our fellow Christian. We must continue to Pray for their conversion not their death.. Finally brethren mark those among u, that have different spirit… They are truble shooter.

  13. This one na talk???? Annoying piece!

  14. What a shit write-up . How many people did you save . You are always waiting for your pastors. Did anyone one of them asked you to attend his or her church. A true Christian can’t write a shit like this.i don’t even know what to tell you.i’m not a pastor but if you are a Christian and really think that your pastor is fake then you should pray yourself out .

  15. But this is a surprise atickle written by this man, bo we even have covit 19 in Nigeria? I believe eny sickness God can not heal the whole world it doesn’t exist the secret thing’s belong to God

  16. Natty Sunday Otobo
    Natty Sunday Otobo

    Don’t be sentimental, face ur own problem and leave the man/men of God for God.

  17. How did you sure that you are also real Pastor

    No one can judge anybody so think well sir

  18. Jonathan Ainenginyo Frank
    Jonathan Ainenginyo Frank

    It is a pity for someone to get up in the morning and what he deemed necessary to say is to criticize men of God, what a Jobless life he has.

  19. Hmmmm…. Papa is this write up really coming from you?…. God have mercy

  20. Knowledge is power,
    Ignorance is the first human problem.
    Ignorance is not an insult but lack of knowledge.
    Human can talk right or wrong according to DNF, Science of the Mind
    . this man is angry on his view on situation on ground, the reason for his statement.
    Is he right or wrong.
    His wrong according to DNF, Science of the Mind.
    Because he not judge over anyone, he should be very careful next time.

  21. do not judge.please live the people of God.God will reward thing.

  22. Only God knows those who are His.

  23. All these blog written above is 90% rubbish, in the aspect of fake pastors, well! We have many of them but you telling the government to make a testing machine to know the real men of God. Does your Bible not tell you that “you shouldn’t tempt the Lord your God” or what sought of testing machine are you talking about, if not a machine to test if they can perform miracles.

  24. Well, I may not be popular and that is why that which has happen occur,I understand what you are saying but the true is Abba Father in Heaven reveal also announce things that will happen in future, weather you believe see is happen. What am trying to say Covid-19 and their new variants is aware by Him, for this has been announce first in 2010 and repeating 2016 to 2019 when He gives me world announcement to the church and I even sent a message from through someone in Malaysia to China where it all started from but you because of not be popular no government listen to me, even South Africa I write to the government what should be done see what is coming, but you know what it good as a believer to decree or declare but let it be in line with His Kingdom Will, many have say or declare 7 days etc but has I was given the announcement of the coming and I prayed for His mercy He also give date it will, not just covid and others. A big church building do not make a place of worship great but His Great Present do, wish is real powered by the Holy Ghost.

  25. Reasons for the confusions:1.Pastoral training from Bible Colleges but not from God Himself is not biblical and introduce that particular church deceiving and anti Bible doctrines,2Failures in Maths,Sciences etc….need Adobe a job.a job. so they rush a short cut I.e Bible colleges whence the techniques of Pastorbaskets, anointing water planting seed and all the charlatan gimmicks to raise a salary just in other cacareeers.Period

  26. Evangelist Edo King David
    Evangelist Edo King David


  27. These last days pastoral or prophetic work is that of pursuing a career via Bible colleges.This is not from God.Was Pewter a Doctor of divinity,a reverend or a holder of PhD in Theology?This is using tho Word of God for gain just saw the Bible foretold.Amen.

  28. I don’t think it’s the duty of govt to arrest pastors since there’s freedom of religion without regulation yet. It’s the duty of the victim to report abuse and extortion to the relevant authorities, if he/she so alleges.
    It’s to avoid this that Christ said “u shall know d truth and d truth shall set u free”. Paul also warned in Col. 2:8 that u have a duty not to be captivated. Again Christ admonished Christians to “be as wise as serpent and as harmless as a dove”. It ur duty to know d truth by so doing be free from captivating and exploitation. And Christ is “the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Recall that Christ warned that He is sending the believers as ” sheep in the midst of wolves”. Wolves are in different forms and highly modified, hence the urgent need to “be wise”. It’s your duty and mine, not government.

  29. Evangelist Chris Chinwe o o
    Evangelist Chris Chinwe o o

    Wellcmy angry friend that they did not heal the Covid patient does not in any way make them liers or that there is no God.healing is of the Lords and he chooses to heal in Hus own time and for Hus glory and the good of humanity. In the days of our Lord Jesus there were many sick people but he did not heal all… Healing needs your simple faith in the power if the Almighty God, the healer…just believe and you shall be healed but most importantly is accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour that paves way for eternity is far more better for physical healing that does not necessarily say your soul from destruction and eternal damnation in the hell who’s fire burns with brimstones and sulfur..

  30. May God almighty give you more wisdom and knowledge of understanding long life and prosperity so shall it be.
    May God almighty give you more wisdom and knowledge of understanding long life and prosperity so shall it be.

    Anyone who is claiming to be prophet, that God didn’t call him or her is a pity because in the last day God will judge everybody according to his or her own work thanks all.remaind blessed be wise.

  31. The government should first be able to bring out all her thieves then we will agree that government will be able to help the church in catching thieves.Whose ever that will want to help God controll the church will die.

  32. The writer that wrote all this is a big fool, one as a Christian the bible didn’t ask you to judge anyone, two of you say one is fake then what about you, are you real? You are the most fake of your kind, you need to be arrested by the government, cause no pastor has ever come to your house to force you to pay offering to then, you need to be arrested for laying furst allegations to pastor, 2 of you are not a Christian and you are looking for a way to mock pastors, almighty God will mock you, it is written on the book of genesis, God told abraham I will bless those that bless you and cursed those that cursed you, you are cursed for calling pastors criminals, I am not a pastor, I call spade a spade. Period

  33. When you refuse to play your part then you get the feeling that you’re cheated. Read your bible and desire to be discipled so that you’ll not be tossed to and fro with one doctrine or the order. Same attitude you have for the HOLY BIBLE you are haven for the governance of your ward, local government, state and national level. How will you not be messed up with, how won’t you be made a fool of, how will you escape trekking as a Prince while your supposed servants and errand boys/girls be on the horse enjoying themselves at your expense. Take it or leave it you fail to serve and obey God of the Universe you will serve creatures and be their slaves. Refuse God’s rule then you’ll serve the devil in human clothing. .

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