All Men Are Most Likely to Cheat At This Age Of There Life According To Scientists

What age do man Cheat most

If you believed men in their early 20s are not suitable for dating because they cheat like it is their only business, then you got it wrong, revisit your homework.

Most young women go for older men because they believe older men have had everything in terms of enjoying life, going out with many women, are financially stable, etc. and are now ready to settle down for marriage.

However, studies have revealed wealthier men cheat more compared to middle and lower class men. Wealth comes with power, and with power, chances of getting anything you want, including that partner you have been dreaming of for years is close to possible. If you believed older men couldn’t cheat on you, give it a second thought.

A study has indicated that men’s infidelity rate increases with age, and reaches its peak when they turn 55 years old. When men hit 50 years, they start getting worried about their masculinity; they start thinking about how they will not be enjoying sexual activities as they used to when they were still energetic. They will then decide to give it a last chance of getting a portion of ‘the greener pasture’ before becoming ‘not useful’. In the process of offering their last best, they end up cheating more.

After 55 years, men’s infidelity rate reduces because they are now sure they won’t give any better of it.

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