Alot Of People Went Through Pain Cause Of Deeper Life and There Pastor Kumuyi’s Doctrines – Facebook User Says

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Many people went through pain cause of pastor Kumuyi's Doctrines

In our recent post about Mercy Benjamin, who is a blogger and a web developer got people talking when she took to Facebook to share experiences of how Pastor Kumuyi ruined her childhood. Many people, who believe pastors are always right, spoke against her while some others stood by her.

The issue was yet to settle when another Facebook user known as Joseph C Suon took to Facebook to support what Mercy Benjamin had said earlier. According to him, he said;

“A lot of people went through unimaginable pain due to the doctrines of Pastor Kumuyi and his army of fanatics. Kumuyi always preached to his members to be comfortable with poverty while he keeps getting rich exploiting their gullibily to the fullest.

Many years ago, he called a television the devil’s box, many deeper life members consequently banned the use of TV in their various homes subjecting thousands of innocent kids to unbearable childhood.

I know of a friend who was mercilessly flogged by his parents just because he snucked to our house to watch a TV Program. Today Kumuyi is one of the frontmen of televangelism. He uses to the latest state of the art communication technology to advance his ministry.

Such hypocrisy is mind boggling but as usual most Nigerians have decided to turn a blind eye to this because they are pastoral slaves.

Pastors are seen as Gods on earth so criticising them is considered blasphemy.”

What do you think about what this guy said? Is that really the truth? Kindly drop your comments.


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