Always Check Your Girlfriend’s Bag When She Visits You, See What I Saw In My Girl’s Bag

My name is Festus, when I was in the university I belonged to a clique of friends, we were not into crime but into girls. One thing that we used to do then was that, any girl that came to visit us and she went to the bathroom, we would quickly open her bag to go through her items, that would give us an idea of the kind of girl she was and to also know if she had the intention of spending the night.

As at then we used to see many funny things in most of the girls’ bag that came to visit anyone of us and it was so much fun.

That attitude of checking inside any girl’s bag that came to visit me when she was in the bathroom became part of me even after I graduated from the university.

After I graduated and also finished my NYSC, I had a job in Port Harcourt and a girl I was going out with in Delta state – my state of origin, came to spend the weekend with me. I had already started to take our relationship very serious because I was planing to settle down since I already had a very nice job in an oil firm and also bought a car.

She arrived my place on Friday with the intention of leaving on Sunday evening. So when she went to the bathroom to take her bath, I quickly went to search her bag and I found some clothes, night gown, pants, bra and so on, but at the bottom of the bag I found something that caught my attention – a “native chalk” wrapped in a red handkerchief and about N10 thousand. So I quickly kept everything the way I met them and closed the bag.

I kept wondering what she was doing with a red handkerchief and native chalk in her bag. So I started monitoring her, I refused to allow her cook for me so that she would not put it in my food. We were both going out to buy food throughout when she came.

On Sunday when she was supposed to leave, as she went to the bathroom to take her bath, I decided to go through her things to find out if the red cloth with the “native chalk” was still there, but when I opened the bag I saw one of my pair of boxers and my NYSC picture inside her bag, I screamed, Jesus! I decided to pour everything out of the bag, but I was unable to find the “native chalk.” The money in the Bag had also increased to about N20 thousand.

When she came out of the bathroom she was shocked. I asked her what my pair of boxers and picture were doing inside her bag? She immediately knelt down and started begging me, she said she was not going to hurt me, that she took it because she loved me.

I was very angry and I slapped her, I told her I was going to end our relationship if she did not tell me the truth, she then started crying and told me that it was her pastor that said she should bring it, that he was going to pray on those items to know if was her future husband.

So I told her to give me her pastor’s phone number let me call him to confirm what she said, but she said she did not have it. She kept crying and saying that she really loved me that was why she did it, that I should forgive her. After so much begging I then told her I had forgiven her so that she could leave my house.

After she left, she called me several times but I didn’t pick her calls, she even sent me several text messages but I never replied her. Two months later she sent me a text message telling me she was pregnant for me. After reading it I did not reply her because I felt she was only trying to get my attention.

Two weeks later, I received a call from a woman that introduced herself as her mother, she told me her daughter said she informed me that she was pregnant for me and I did not even call her to know how she was doing and I would not even pick her calls. I told her that it was not because she told me she was pregnant that I stopped picking her calls or refused to call her, I then told her what happened.

After I finished telling her mother what happened, she then informed me that she was already aware of what happened, that her daughter already told her and that her daughter was telling the truth, that it was their pastor that sent her to bring my picture and any item that I had used.

She said her family including her husband who is the father of my girlfriend wanted to see me, they wanted me to come and tell the family my plans for their daughter and the baby, that their daughter cannot have a child outside wedlock.

Ever since then I have been having sleepless night. I don’t even know how to go about it, I don’t have interest in their daughter anymore because I believe she is diabolical and I don’t know if I am actually responsible for the pregnancy. Please I need your advice, should I marry her because she is pregnant for me or not ?

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