Amazon makes the Moto G Fast cheaper than cheap with unprecedented 50 percent discount

While it may feel like Motorola is essentially unveiling a new low-cost handset with respectable specifications every couple of weeks or so nowadays, the company’s rapidly growing US fanbase is not exactly treated to the widest possible range of budget-friendly options.

Instead of being able to buy fresh models like the Moto G32, G42, G62 5G, or G82 stateside, you can currently choose between humble oldies like the Moto G Pure, G Fast, G Play, and G Stylus (2020) in addition to the latest editions of the G Stylus, G Stylus 5G, G 5G, and G Power.
Of course, that’s arguably a rich enough selection to fit every individual need and budget under the sun, starting as low as a single Benjamin. That’s right, the 2020-released Moto G Fast is on sale at the time of this writing for a cool 100 bucks under its $199.99 list price.

Using our super-advanced math skills, we can easily determine that equates to a massive and absolutely unprecedented 50 percent discount currently offered by Amazon on a white-only unlocked device with 32GB storage and 3 gigs of RAM.

Those are certainly not very impressive specs by 2022 standards, and they didn’t exactly knock our socks off a couple of years back either, but considering the phone’s new all-time low price and other key features like “2-day battery” and a triple rear-facing camera system, they pretty much look like the best things you can get right now.
If you’re on an extremely tight budget, the Moto G Fast is definitely a solid option for a backup travel device or a first-time Android smartphone user like a kid or senior, sporting a fairly sleek design with a top left hole punch and… a sizable chin, as well as a decidedly modest 6.4-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1560 x 720 pixels and a not-too-shabby Snapdragon 665 processor under the hood. In a nutshell, this might be the best affordable phone available right now at this very specific price point.


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