Amazon wants to be the TikTok of commerce with product shorts

Everyone and their French bulldog (aka Facebook/Instagram Reels, or YouYube Shorts) wants to be like TikTok right now, and offer the most easily digestible way to consume mundane info in the form of short videos tailored to the modern attention span realities that the social networks molded our brains into.

Amazon doesn’t want to get left behind, too, and is working on a product feed with shorts that users will share videos and photos of their purchases to. The new TikTok-style feed for items sold on Amazon is not meant to replace reviews, by the looks of it, but augment them with more engaging visuals.
The feature was revealed by the Israeli AI company Watchful Technologies Ltd, reports the Wall Street Journal, and has been in internal testing among Amazon employees for a while now.
Amazon calls its TikTok-ed product feed Inspire and has placed it as a diamond widget on its app’s homescreen. For now, the shorts feed is dominated by still images which can be liked, shared, or directly lead to a purchase page. The number of videos is increasing on the new Amazon Inspire platform, though, and the obvious goal is to create another TikTok clone tailored to today’s childish attention span facts. 

Asked for a comment, an Amazon spokesperson replied that the commerce giant is “constantly testing new features to help make customers’ lives a little easier,” so it’s not known yet if Inspire will pass the testing muster and be released for the general TikTok loving crowd to shop in its favorite shorts style.


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