Amazon’s top new charcoal grill is the Pixel Buds Pro; wait, what?

Here is an interesting story that is Twilight Zone bizarre. Did you know that the top-listed new charcoal grill on Amazon is the Google Pixel Buds Pro? The true wireless earbuds have plenty of great features including real-time language translation, Active Noise Cancellation to tune out background noise, Transparency mode to allow background noises in, Assistant integration, long battery life, and spatial audio (3D surround sound) which will be added later this year. But nowhere in the list of features for the Pixel Buds Pro does it say anything about the earbuds being able to grill a burger.

A Redditor with the handle “freddiega” found the Pixel Buds Pro on top of an Amazon page listing several new charcoal grills offered by the online retailer. Figuring out what caused this hilarious issue isn’t that hard. One of the color options available for the $199.99 Pixel Buds Pro is Charcoal which has obviously confused Amazon to the point where its algorithms thought that the Pixel Buds Pro is currently the top-ranked new charcoal grill available from Amazon’s app and website.

Amazon’s listing for the Pixel Buds Pro mentions expert assembly for $99 and states that a technician cannot connect the device to an external fuel source. Of course, you really can’t use your Pixel Buds Pro to grill a burger, but when they are released on July 28th, they will provide users with the kind of features that you would expect from a “Pro”-tier pair of earbuds.


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