Americans Gang Up Against Donald Trump After His Attack On Barack Obama

Americans Attacked Donald Trump Cause of Obama

On Saturday night, Americans ganged up against USA President, Donald Trump after he launched attacks against the former President, Barack Obama.

In recent days, Trump has been attacking Obama with “OBAMAGATE!” viral abuse that has been spreading on social media like a bush fire.

However, this Saturday, his usual moves backfired badly after Americans ganged up against him. “OBAMAGATE!” Trump tweeted without any other wording.

Americans have then taken their anger to the comment section where they mocking Trump for sensing defeat in the coming elections.
Some lauded Obama for what they are saying he ‘did a great job’ during his reign as the United States of America President.

Here are the top reactions from Americans:

The Resistor Sister Heart said: “While 89,856 Americans are DEAD & 2000 MORE DYING Each Day, @realDonaldTrump spends the morning RAGE Tweeting & LYING about @BarackObama. America DESERVES so much better than this Malignant Narcissist in Chief.”

Pantomath said: “Trump is losing his patience.He smells defeat. He is getting anxious. That’s why he is now targeting Obama.”

Biden War Room said: “You are unhinged today. Is it because of the commencement address?Either way, 85,000+ deaths won’t be forgotten! #TRUMPGATE”

Jeff Tiedrich said: “aw, someone’s jealous of the accomplishments of a well-respected black man”

Nancy Lee Grahnn said: “I see it really irks you that the country’s graduates want Obama to speak to them and not you AND that the networks are covering him & not you. I heard drowning your rage in a bucket of KFC or beating a pillow & holding your nose til you turn blue, helps.”

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