Americans Seen Bowing Down Before Blacks and Pray, Seeking Forgiveness For There Racism Act In Minneapolis

Americans begging blacks for Racism

A new shocking video has now surfaced the internet showing white Americans kneel before the black Americans and asking for Forgiveness on the racism showed by the police.

The video has emerged amid George Floyd killing by the minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin, in the video those kneeling can be heard saying;

“We come before you asking for Forgiveness for what the white man is doing, we ain’t God, humbling ourselves before you, father in jesus name you have been the victory, we ask for Forgiveness”

Many have criticised the act by the police, today marks the 6th day of protest in US, on Friday evening the protesters broke their way into the White House, but their efforts were neutralised by secret agent services.

Trump later blamed the Washington head of police, Bowser for not working with the secret agents in bringing down the protest. But Bowser sidelined himself and saying that he was joining the protesters in the killing of George Floyd.

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