Angry Ghanaian Man Seeing Forcing Chinese Man to Pick Dirt From Gutter After Africans Were Humiliated In China

A picture is currently going viral online and causing mixed reactions as 50 per cent of people say it’s right while the other 50 percent claims it is wrong. Angry Ghanaian man caught on camera forcing a Chinese man to pick trash from gutters after Africans living in China were humilated and sent out of their hotels.

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After the news of Nigerians who traveled to China for business were driven out of their hotels by Chinese officials went viral, so many reacted angrily to it because it was only Africans were driven out, no Chinese citizen was driven out. Nigerians accused Chinese people of practicing racism in their country against black people.

An angry Ghanaian man took it to the next level by ordering e Chinese man who stays in Ghana to pick trash from gutters as a punishment for that. See photo below;

Chinese man picking dirt in gutter

This has caused alot of mixed reactions online as some said it’s a good move while some also go against that. What is your take on this? Is this a proper thing to do? Kindly leave a comment on the comment section below. Tell us your opinion.

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