Animals Are Wiser Than Blacks If They Think That Racism Will Stop Cause Of George Floyd Death – White Man Says

Animals are wiser than blacks

After the death of George Floyd’s who was killed by Monopolies police Officer, his death sparked protests from major cities in the US and also outside America. He was killed by the law enforcement who where supposed to keep him safe.

His memorial has been held and his killers are already charged. Many Celebrities have spoken out and condemned the situation going on in the US as the numbers of African American dying as a result of racism was on the rise. Blacks also might be thinking that there would be a reduction in this acts but a man named Henry has disagreeded as he wrote a controversial tweet on his twitter account.

He wrote;

“If you all blacks think George Floyd’s Death would stop racism,animals are wiser than you ! Racism has eaten deep into the system .If you want racism to stop,Tell your blacks billionaires to surrender their money to us Period”

After he wrote the tweet, He later said that people might report his account but he has passed the message and the hard truth people should know, Blacks where not happy with the post.

He stated some points in his post that racism won’t stop until all black billionaires surrender their money to them which is really absurd.

Although, Racism has been in America for long but it’s not just as vivid as before, but the fact that after George Floyd’s Death took place,a lot of police brutality videos against black filled the internet, It might make you wonder that if police can do that, what of a normal white thug?.

I hope you heard about the news days ago of 57 police officers that resigned after two of their colleagues got suspended for pushing a elderly man to the ground. They felt it was unfair for their colleagues to get suspended and charged also for pushing down an elderly Protester which would send questions down your mind that how much more of them think so?

What are your thoughts on this man tweet? Kindly drop your comments.

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  1. He says like that because he is idle,he is in fear thinking it may end ,and nothing for free

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