Another Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video pops up, only this time it’s the retail version

The Pixel 7 duo was shown off officially earlier this year and the range’s release is set for October. Google is not the best when it comes to keeping secrets, which is apparently why it has adopted the practice of previewing flagship phones months before their official release. The company still tries to have some air of mystery around its phones by only teasing the general design before their formal launch but leakers almost always manage to ruin their events and this has happened again with the Pixel 7 Pro.
A Pixel 7 Pro prototype has already been extensively covered by media outlets and today, someone has posted a video of the retail variant on Facebook. It’s the final, official version of the phone and not a pre-release unit or anything of that sort, and the video seems to have originated from Bangladesh.
Since this is the retail-ready version, it works, and also has the Google logo. It doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t know already and is further proof that the phone has the same overall design as the Pixel 6 Pro but some tweaks have been made. For instance, it is not as curvy as the Pixel 6 Pro and the camera bar melds onto the edges. The main shooter and the ultrawide unit are now grouped together. 
Overall, the Pixel 7 Pro is a more polished version of the Pixel 6 Pro, and aside from the second generation Tensor chip, it might largely have the same core specs as its predecessor, and we are eager to see how it will stack up against the best phones of 2022. The phone is rumored to be a tad wider and heavier than the Pixel 6 Pro, so it might offer a bigger battery.


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