Any Man That Can Do These Five Simple Things For Me As His Wife, I Will Marry and Love Him Forever – Lady Says

A beautiful lady has reveals what a man must be able to do for her to win her heart and marry her as his wife. According to the lady, She said;

Not that I am excessively pleased with being single or I am very rich and okay, but if I must go into any eternity conjugal journey, I have my own personal preferences that must be met.

Marriage is a lifetime business, so all aspirations and wishes of both parties must be mutually agreed, to avoid regrets or early dispersal.

Provided you can meet any of these 5 wishes of mine ahead of a marital relationship, you will win my hearts forever without doubts;

1. If You’re gentle, cool, calm and collected i.e you aren’t irrationally strict, I will be willingly yours forever.

2. If You’re a king both in the kitchen and the other room perfectly well, don’t stress too much, I won’t waste your time, my heart belongs to you.

3. If as a man you’re a lover of children, that alone can melt my heart, because I’ve got huge penchant for kids.

4. If You’re a prayerful and prospectively supportive man, I would be rest assured we can go places together as couples, so you can easily win my heart forever.

5. If you don’t drink, smoke or go to clubs often, to God be the glory, we can be one forever.

With these 5 important qualities, we are a great idea and perfect couples forever.

What do you think? Can you as a guy do these things for a lady you truly love? Kindly share your thoughts using the comment section.

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