Arrest All Christians and Other Non-muslims and Punish Them – Popular Islamic Teacher Says

Popular Islamic Preacher by name Zakir Naik has released a video asking Islamic countries to arrest all non- muslims in their country who criticise Islam or speak against the law of Islam.

In a viral video on social media, Zakir Naik could be heard demanding that a data base of all those who criticise or speak against Islam should be collected and kept in record, in that whenever these people visit or travel to other Muslims countries be it that they are going for tourism, business etc that the data base collected when they were in the previous Muslim countries be used against them and that they should be tried and book under the law of blasphemy. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

He added that these non Muslims like going to countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and other Muslims countries. Speaking in anger that these non Muslims cannot be coming to Muslim countries to get what they want and after still condemn Islam. He said they should all be booked.

The Islamic Preacher is already under investigation, currently living in Malaysia after fleeing India. The 53 year old Mumbai Islamic Preacher is facing charges in India of provoking communal disharmony and indulging in unlawful activities that brings about terror in the country.

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  1. Bad religious call Islamic, you’re not a preacher you are evil

  2. Salihu Abdulhameed O
    Salihu Abdulhameed O

    What’s up

  3. Like I said before now, every Muslim is a potential terrorist because of the hold jihad in Islamic religion and as a result, Islamic religion should be prohibited.

    • Islam will save you from going to hell

    • Even the most deceitful religion called Christianity which was formed by human and cannot even find its name in the bible is existing and its followers are happy about it.

      How much more Islam? The religion of excellence. The only religion that teaches about the will of the almighty God but doesn’t allow people to practice it with their heart desires.

      Can the world declare war against God?

    • Ignorance some times is an excuse, pls. Go and find the history of both religions then you come and say what you know about the Truth.

      • By inference from what the Islamic scholar is saying, any Muslim who speak against Christianity or other religions should be arrested and punish whenever he or travels to a non Muslim Country.It does not matter whether Christianity can be in the Bible or not, the fruits of a tree will justify whether it is a good or bad.ISIS, BUKO HARAM,TALIBAN etc are supported by Islam.

    • And also we Muslim, we can’t abuse any other religion because we know that the followers of that religion believed it and hold it as religion they believed, but once any religion attack us wether through media or what so ever method we will attack him the way he do, no any Christian can abuse Israel for what the are doing because you are coward.

    • You’re on point! If you’re a Muslim, be prepared to kill people. You may not like it but you have to do as your prophet did; unless you want to be better and more righteous than your prophet.

  4. Then why have debates?
    A Kingdom that needs to be defended has a life span. If not, then why defend and fight? Jesus said My Kingdom has no end.

  5. Buhari Tukur Balarabe
    Buhari Tukur Balarabe

    Alright let us see 👀
    Present your evidence so that we can understand whether he (Zakir Naik) said so, because you the Christian have been attributing alot of lies against the man simply because there is yet no Christian in existence who is born enough defeat him.
    So we are waiting for your video evidence, otherwise we only going to consider you as hypocrites of the highest degree.

    • Thank you my brother I coucour with you completely
      Thank you my brother I coucour with you completely

      It’s very unfortunately that they don’t understand the teachings of ISLAM

    • There’s no need because we are sure you will not believe it even if Zack himself said it. Islam is a spirit of lies and falsehood and when your lies are challenged, you call it insult and blasphemy. The next thing you want to do is to kill the person – Allahuakbar!!! Head is rolling!

    • Why did he left his own country to Malaysia. Because he is insane.
      Why did he left his own country to Malaysia. Because he is insane.

      Zakir is insane and photocopy of mohamMad

  6. According to the statement, Zakir Naik was said to have released a video where he was accused of the above content, yet the video released by him to that effect wasn’t played, how do you want us to believe your claim?

  7. Nice to be here

  8. Yunusa Abdullahi Ochidi
    Yunusa Abdullahi Ochidi

    Blasphemy statements without Video.

    Islam will continue to grow and Dr. Zakir Nail will prevail his enemies.

    I am Consultant Yunusa In Real Estate ( 08022692907 )

  9. And who will arrest muslims who has spoken and still speaking against christianity?. Or you think your islamic people are void of talking and blaspheming. You are a bad leader and instigating violence, hate and troubles for humanity and you should be held as a terrorist.

  10. Provide the vedio as evidence first u bloody liar, does ur religion promote blasphemy ? I believe not, therefore check John 8:32 of ur bible.

  11. Prince A A Oziandu
    Prince A A Oziandu

    Well I’m not surprised when I read the comments of some senseless people that once they hear religion their senses will vanished and lost the ability to reason. Despite the fact that we don’t see the video to watch as evidence he has not commit any offense if he say so. The statement is not any way cause any damages to any religious setting and has not in any form promote sentiment. The statement is all about unity because what he was accussed of saying was that Christian and other religions who criticise Islam. Pls underline the word CRITICISE. My expectations from Christians is that they too should said arrest any Muslims that criticise Christianity so that everybody would mind their speech and as such criticisms shall be eradicated. But you responses now is showing that you people enjoying criticising Islam for lack of knowledge and an atom of understanding about Islam. Nothing anybody can do to Sheik Zakiri Naik, protection of Allah shall follow him any where.

  12. If all Muslims are potential terrorists as u said what are all Christians? U can’t understand Islam u know why? Because u dogmatically follow a religion to An extend that u have been completely brainwashed. Àm sorry for u.please help urcef and do research that’s why u are a student and stop carrying taught that will kill ur brain.

  13. Aderibigbe Ayodele
    Aderibigbe Ayodele

    My Brother & Sister that contribute towards the comments of Dr. Zakr Nike.. what I know about ds story is completely fabricated story .it’s very sound error,no facts & true at all, Muslim doctrine doesn’t allow fictmized anybody irrespective any religious you belong to,xstian like to blackmail & paint ISLAM with bad colour, whatever you saying God pass you ,Islam growing everyday.

  14. Religion of peace indeed

  15. Zakir Nail has been accused severally but no one has ever brought evidence to support the accusations. A christian Apologist branded him as the greatest threat to christianity, WHY because he converts a lot of christians to Islam, he easily refutes all that christianity stands for, he speaks Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and English, that at a lecture he was to give in Birmingham thousands of tickets were sold in one hour.
    Produce the video as evidence. Give a person a bad name and then have the opportunity to eliminate him. There are thousands of Zakir Naiks you still have to contend with.

  16. Oluwatoyin Oluwadamilare
    Oluwatoyin Oluwadamilare

    He himself need to be arrested for uttering such statement that could create civil unrest in the society.

    • From what this so called Islamic Cleric has said throughly speaking there is love and peace in Islam End Time is around the corner another Gumi is at work God bless Nigeria

  17. You are vocalized like a fool and devil incarnate, animal like you is that what your Quran teach you to do

  18. Islam is terror to the world

    • This Islamic scholar is a complete illiterate , because he did not know what he is doing, Even prophet Mohammed, say in the quaran, that a Muslim will fit married a c Christian woman, their no problems,but because of his illiterate, he is saying that nonses

  19. This Islamic bigot need to be removed from earth. Investigating him is allowing more havoc to be committed by him

  20. 💯 percent love Mr Princes A A 🤴

  21. It’s Simple and logical
    #Prince A A 🤴 1 love Man

  22. May Allah guide and protect Dr Zakir Naik and all Muslim in the world. We are worshipping Allah along, Islam is teaching peace not terrorist.

  23. Let’s Get this right Religion or no religion we all are one am a Christian but have good Muslim friends (Christianity is Good to me, Islamic is Good to Muslims) So together all of them are good. Why all this unnecessary Violence is that what your own Islamic religion tells you 😏

  24. We Muslim need to stop all this rubbish postal and anybody again that talk or post anything against or criticised Islam should be sanction and arrested.

  25. I think it’s high time we stopped all this religious criticism,and face the reality which is life after death.Do you realize that there is non of these religious leaders or defenders that will be able to stand and defend you on judgment day except the one holds the key to life and death which is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.He is the way,the truth and the life and even the life after death.Accept HIM now because tomorrow may be too late.God bless you.

  26. To believe this, I need to see the video please 🙏….

  27. Is that a new law added or he is just dictating his alikes to execute it unlawfully?
    You do go to Christian nations who arrested you?
    Everyone have the right to defend his or her faith, the Bible says love one another this is only thing that can eradicate all evil thoughts against your fellow human being.

  28. Islam is the only way out!

  29. Prove pls I mean a link to the video

  30. India is not an Islamic country.All over the world moslems have been causing problems.Islam is evil.Please you people should read Quran 3:45

  31. This people of “religion of peace”. This “peace”must be defined

  32. Will you ever say such things to your father
    did u ever show him saying it in the video they are fabericating and interpolating second nature of their before u end things by saying such plz ponder and reach u stupid animal

  33. Pastor Samson tarshi
    Pastor Samson tarshi

    The truth of the matter is,98% of both Christians and Muslims are not living by the beliefs of their religion. All are claimer’s,insulting one another and claimed that to be religion. When you are fighting for God you are simple saying that,you are greater than that God.lay the word let God fight his battle. But let go back to history. Christianity has been in existence since 600 hundred years ago before Islam came. So, the question is,were where they before? God allowed Islam to be as a punishment to the Christians because Christians divided God into three(Trinity). There is no such a three God in the Bible. God is ONE. By every man fruit we shall know him.

  34. Is it by force for one to practice Islamic religion.

  35. Christians per sey, are very intelligent and smart when it comes to worldly issues. But they are deaf, dum and blind when it comes to religious matters. You know why, it’s because of jelousy, arrogance and pride. When they were waiting for the coming of the prophet, they thought he was going to emerge from among themselves but instead, he came from among their brotheren.

  36. Let Zakir Naik accept the debate with Christian Prince. Over two years he’d been invited to face him, but he has been dodging.
    Pls advise him to take the debate if he’s that knowledgeable.

  37. But Jesus and other prophet of Allah preach any religion but Islam.And we don’t know where and when you Christian get this religion?

  38. The worst religion in the world is Islam. All their members are blood thirsty. Their God is weak therefore the fight for their God. Wherever they are you see killings, paedophile, confusion and retardation. They are intolerant, proud and loquacious

    • Mind your language, u writing is full of grammatical errors and blunders.
      Did u even go to school?
      I don’t think so..
      Pls. Call your learned colleague to help u. I can’t comprehend what u are trying to say. IDIOT of d First Order.

  39. Jesus is Lord, the must world must accept this truth

  40. Prophet Muhammed believes Jesus Christ, why are Muslims killing christians? Jacob and Ishiamel are the same Abraham’s children. Would Abraham’s God love to see Prophet Muhammed teaching his followers to kill Abraham’s children? Who does Muslims want to impress?

  41. Learn to be a preacher of peace

  42. He not a preacher, rather he is just seeking a cheap global recognition that may get him no where other than Hell Fire. Let him preach the gospel of peace which islam is known for. If he is truly a true Islamic cleric without a skeleton in his cupboard he should return to india and prove he is innocent.I rest my case.

  43. By inference from what the Islamic scholar is saying, any Muslim who speak against Christianity or other religions should be arrested and punish whenever he or travels to a non Muslim Country.It does not matter whether Christianity can be in the Bible or not, the fruits of a tree will justify whether it is a good or bad.ISIS, BUKO HARAM,TALIBAN etc are supported by Islam.

  44. Little do many of u Christian understand, I Will surely judge justly soon between you all inshaAllah, Zakir spoke the truth
    and about that his lord has given a clear authorization, but bcos of you Christians ignorant you all judge ignorantly..they should allow God to fight ba?..then the disbeliever will dominate you Christian upon the land and then you will come to know they are to u a clear enemy when they start making worldly life difficult for u…

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