Arrest All Christians and Other Non-muslims and Punish Them – Popular Islamic Teacher Says

Arrest All Christians and non muslims

Popular Islamic Preacher by name Zakir Naik has released a video asking Islamic countries to arrest all non- muslims in their country who criticise Islam or speak against the law of Islam.

In a viral video on social media, Zakir Naik could be heard demanding that a data base of all those who criticise or speak against Islam should be collected and kept in record, in that whenever these people visit or travel to other Muslims countries be it that they are going for tourism, business etc that the data base collected when they were in the previous Muslim countries be used against them and that they should be tried and book under the law of blasphemy.

He added that these non Muslims like going to countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and other Muslims countries. Speaking in anger that these non Muslims cannot be coming to Muslim countries to get what they want and after still condemn Islam. He said they should all be booked.

The Islamic Preacher is already under investigation, currently living in Malaysia after fleeing India. The 53 year old Mumbai Islamic Preacher is facing charges in India of provoking communal disharmony and indulging in unlawful activities that brings about terror in the country.

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