Ask Girl These Questions Over Text If You Want to Show Her That You Truly Care For Her

Questions to ask girls on text

Text messages help in connecting people together. If you want to show her that you truly care, you can express it through the type of texts you send to her. Here are questions to ask a girl over text that would make her believe that you truly care about her;

1. What’s Your Biggest Goal In Life Right Now
This question helps you to know about her dreams or whether you share any goal similarities. She would notice that you truly care about her achievements and dreams.

2. What Do You Do During Your Leisure Time
Inquiring about her hobby would mean that you care. This way, you’d get to know her likes and dislikes. You should always consider this when spending time together afterwards.

3. What Was Your Favourite Part of The Day Today
Inquiring about how her day was would actually make a difference. This question is a perfect conversation starter. You would get to know how she spent her day, especially the happiest moments of it.

4. Are You Happy With Your Life Right Now?
This is a simple question but it can spice up a good conversation. You can discuss how she can improve her life if she’s not happy. You would also get to know what she’s grateful for and what makes her happy in life.

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