Before You Talk to Anybody This Saturday Morning (13/06/20), Say These Powerful Prayers


In everything we do, it’s good to always put God first. As you wakeup this morning, it’s not by your power but God’s will.

So before doing anything in the morning, you should praise, thank and pray to God. Below are some powerful prayers for you this morning as you waking up;

* Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for this precious gift of life, for making us see this day Lord not because of our righteousness but because of your love and grace.

* Thank you Lord for all the unseen battles you have fought for us even when we were asleep, making sure that we enjoyed our sleep and successfully woke up and in good Health.

* Lord your word says that unless you watch over a city, the watchman only but stays awake in vain, you watched over us all through the night and as a Loving Father you have promised that you will never get tired of doing so.

* Father, you have taught us to not worry but cast all our burden on you because you care for us, we have things we consider as problems father but we know that you are bigger than all those things.

* Lord your word encourages us to ask for whatever in your name and it shall be granted, so Father as we begin this day may you go ahead of us.

* As we search for our daily bread Lord I pray that may you meet us at the point of our needs, may you destroy every evil casted upon our path Lord.

* Every stumbling block laid upon our path, Father may you convert it to a stepping stone for us to be more elevated above the reach of our enemies.

* Father, I pray that may your sufficient grace speak for us, take the wheel off our hands Lord and take control over all.

* Every evil spirit ministring doubts in our hearts may they be destroyed in the Name of Jesus, may we have total conviction that we have nothing to worry about since you are with us through the way.

* Help us make your word the standard of our living. Search us Lord and if there is any evil seed the devil had planted in us like lying, sickness and diseases, lust, immorality, Masturbation, unforgiveness, whatsoever Lord we pray that may you destroy them in the mighty name of Jesus.

* Replace the space with your fruit of the spirit, that we may be full of you and have no room to entertain the devil.

* Father if as in the case of Daniel you have answered our prayers but a Prince of Persia is holding it back oh Lord as we bow down on our knees, send the angel of war to release our blessings now in the name of Jesus.

* Bless us and may we be a blessing unto others, bless our country Nigeria, lay upon the world your healing hands for the sake of your children the Christians and may we be free from all the problems going on.

* Father at the end of today I pray that we will again have every cause to glorify your name in joy, Amen.

If you believe in God and believe your prayer has been answered, kindly say Amen by commenting below. God bless you.


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