Best Amazon Prime Day tablet deals: early offers now available

Each year Amazon Prime Day brings us some of the best tablet discounts, and we’re up to 2022. Whether you want to buy an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or perhaps a bunch of affordable Amazon Fire tablets for the whole family – Prime Day 2022 would be the perfect time to do so for even less. And here would be the place to find the best deals!

Once Amazon Prime Day 2022 rolls around on Tuesday, July 12, we’ll have the best Prime Day tablet deals for you right here! Constantly updated as new ones pop up and old ones expire, so stay tuned. Some early tablet Prime Day deals are already out!

Early Prime Day tablet deals available now

Amazon Prime members can already take advantage of the following early tablet deals, available now. Stay tuned for updates.

Best Amazon Prime Day iPad deals to expect

Apple’s iPad is by far the most popular and best-selling tablet in the world, and for good reason. Even the budget model is extremely powerful and well capable of taking full advantage of the iPadOS operating system, meaning it’ll handle anything from school work to video editing. The more expensive iPad Air and iPad Pro feature a modern design and support for premium accessories, and are even more capable.

During Amazon Prime Day 2022 we are likely to once again see the budget iPad, which is already quite affordable at $329 get reasonable discounts of around $50-100. Although it remains with an outdated design, this is still a perfect tablet for kids, students or anyone on a budget. It supports the 1st-generation Apple Pencil, so it can be used for note-taking and drawing, and as mentioned earlier, it’s quite powerful despite its affordable nature.

The mid-tier iPad that is the iPad Air 5, also known as the iPad Air (2022), is also expected to see a discount for Amazon Prime Day 2022. This tablet is the perfect middle ground – not as expensive as the iPad Pro, but still featuring its modern design and support for the same accessories, including the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil.

So anyone looking to step up from the budget iPad, but isn’t interested in spending too much for the iPad Pro’s bells and whistles that they might not need (more cameras, faster display refresh rate, etc.) should go with the iPad Air.

As mentioned before, the 11-inch iPad Pro expectedly has some features that the Air does not, such as a 120Hz display refresh rate (as opposed to 60Hz), which essentially means that using it feels smoother and faster. It also has an additional camera and a LiDAR sensor, plus bigger storage options, up to two whole terabytes! Which means 2000 GB. As you can expect, though, these storage options can get quite pricey, so stay tuned for the best iPad Pro Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals right here when the time comes!

Apple’s biggest, latest and greatest iPad Pro 12.9-inch is also likely to be discounted for Amazon Prime Day 2022. What differentiate this one from the 11-inch iPad Pro above is not just the size of its display, but the technology behind it too. This 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a mini-LED display, and is currently the only iPad that does. Meaning its display is pretty close to AMOLED displays in reproducing pitch blacks, and it generally looks better than LCD. If you love watching movies at night, or you simply want the biggest and best Apple tablet, stay tuned for the best Amazon Prime Day deals on it – right here!

While the bigger iPads steal the show, the newest iPad mini has its place in the lives of some people. It’s small, portable has Apple Pencil (2nd-gen) support and it looks modern. If you love small tablets and want to buy arguably the best one available for less, stay tuned for deals on this one during Prime Day 2022.

Best Amazon Prime Day Samsung Galaxy Tab deals to expect

Second only to Apple, Samsung dominates most of what’s left of the tablet market, and is arguably the only brand that continues to release premium Android tablets to this day.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ models are arguably among the only Android tablets that rival what Apple’s iPad offers, and even offer more. Pro users will be happy to know that all Galaxy S8 tablets come with a free S Pen stylus and have Samsung DeX support, the latter being a desktop interface that the user can activate at any time. So from a standard tablet Android interface, the S8 can turn into something akin to a Windows tablet – with windowed apps and a task bar.

The Korean company’s latest, huge 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is likely to be among the most sought-after tablets during Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Last year the Tab S7 and S7+ models got up to $166 off during Prime Day, so we can expect similar deals or even bigger discounts for these models this year, especially with the newer models out now.

Samsung also has some amazing budget tablets like the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, which is definitely one to look forward to during Amazon Prime Day 2022, if you want a good tablet with a stylus for a nice low price.

Of course, on the even lower spectrum we’ll see Samsung’s budget Galaxy A series of tablets discounted on Prime Day 2022 too. Stay tuned!

Best Amazon Prime Day Fire tablet deals to expect

Amazon’s Fire tablets are widely popular thanks to how affordable and easy-to-use they are for both children and adults. It’s no surprise that during Prime Day, Amazon’s own tablet offerings get some great discounts.

Last year the Amazon Fire HD 10 and 8, which are already quite affordable, got up to $90 during Prime Day. So, we can expect similar Fire HD 10 and 8 discounts, if not better in 2022.

And if you’re looking to buy one or several kids tablets, whether for playing games, learning or as an e-reader, we can also reasonably expect some great Fire Kids tablet discounts this Prime Day too. Last time the Fire 7 Kids tablet and the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet were $40 and $70 off, respectively. Stay tuned, we might see them discounted even further during Amazon Prime Day 2022!

Best Amazon Prime Day Lenovo tablet deals to expect

Lenovo has comfortably taken up a niche in the midrange and budget tablet market, with its own unique models with a kickstand. Last year we saw plenty of Lenovo tablets discounted on Prime Day, so 2022 won’t be any different. Prime Day 2022 Lenovo tablet deals are likely to include discounts on the Lenovo Tab K10 and the Yoga Smart Tab. Stay tuned!

Which tablet should I buy during Amazon Prime Day 2022?

If you want a safe and generally fantastic tablet, for gaming, movie watching, web browsing or even working, the iPad Air would be your best bet. It’s significantly more affordable than the 11-inch iPad Pro, yet features its modern design. And considering it’s already quite well priced by default, you shouldn’t miss getting it via a Prime Day discount! We’ll have the best offers on it and other iPads when the time comes.

If you’re an Android fan and want an Android tablet, you’ll find that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the best one you can get in 2022. And last but not least, if you want a simple e-reader or a basic tablet for kids, nothing beats the affordable price of Amazon’s own Fire HD tablets.

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