Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases

The Z Flip 4 has just been announced and has now entered its usual two-week pre-order period. An incremental update of the previous Z Flip 3, the Z Flip 4 is nevertheless a beautiful device and you will want to protect it with a case. That’s where we come in – in this article, we’ll have the best Z Flip 4 cases right now, from brands we trust and love, in order to help you find the best case for your new clamshell foldable phone.

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And, with that being said, let’s jump into the best Z Flip 4 cases that are available right now.

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Z Flip 4 cases from Samsung

First-party cases from Samsung are one of the best options you can go for. The company has plenty of gorgeous cases which will showcase your new Z Flip 4’s looks with a stylish touch.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flap Leather Cover

A soft and luxurious material will make your Z Flip 4 look and feel premium, as it should. The Flap Leather case by Samsung is made of real calf leather, and enhances the sleek look of the clamshell foldable. It is available in three colors – Peach, Serene Purple, and Black.

Silicone Cover with Strap for Z Flip 4

Another eye-turning case from Samsung is the Silicone Cover with Strap. It comes in two colors: White (with a bright orange strap), and Black (with a green strap). It protects from bumps and scratches, while the strap helps keep the foldable phone firm and secure in your hand.

Silicone cover with Ring for Z Flip 4

If you don’t like straps, worry not – Samsung has a silicone case option with a ring instead of strap. Here, you also get more colors to choose from, namely: Arctic Blue, Khaki, Bora Purple, Navy, and Pink. Those are made to look great with the Z Flip 4’s original colors.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Slim Cover

For those of you who want a simple case for your new phone with no straps or rings, Samsung has the Clear Slim case for you. It is made of a soft, durable material that’s easy to grip. It keeps your phone safe and at the same time proudly showcases your phone’s original look. That’s as minimalistic as you can go for a Z Flip 4 case.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring

The clear cover with Ring is basically the same clear and transparent lightweight case for your Z Flip 4, but it has a ring so you can hold the Z Flip 4 security in your hand. As the option above, this case ensures everyone sees the beautiful color of your new Z Flip 4, while at the same time you’re sure your new phone is protected.

Third-party Z Flip 4 cases

Spigen has now launched cases for the Z Flip 4, and Caseology as well. Other reputable brands will surely follow soon.

Spigen Air Skin Z Flip 4 case

This case by the reputable brand Spigen beautifully fits the Z Flip 4’s thin form, and comes in three colors: Cornflower Blue, Crystal Clear, and Rose Purple to match this year’s signature color, Bora Purple. The Air Skin case is made from premium polycarbonate with Urethane Coating that prevents discoloration over time. On top of that, it won’t add extra bulk to your new Z Flip 4.

Spigen Tough Armor Z Flip 4 case

Another great case by Spigen is the one from the Tough Armor collection. This extra-protective case comes in only one color, Black, but despite that, it has cool textured look next to the camera bump and outer phone of the screen, adding a touch of interesting to its look. It has an extra layer of shock resistance thanks to an all-new foam technology. Created with a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate, the Tough Armor Z Flip 4 case has dual protection from drops and scratches for your new phone.

But that’s not all. This case is also certified with military-standard protection, and the Air Cushion Technology ensures anti-shock protection.

Spigen Thin Fit Ring Z Flip 4 case

If you instead prefer something that will showcase your new clamshell foldable’s color, while also providing a fashion-like ring to hold your phone in folded form, you can check out the Spigen Thin Fit Ring. This lightweight case with a crystal clear design adds no bulk to your new phone and is ultra slim. And yes, it will showcase your new phone’s color, as it is transparent.

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Z Flip 4 case

If you prefer something eye-catching, Caseology has a gorgeous two-color option for you in the form of the Nano Pop silicone case. This case comes with three color options: Blueberry Navy, Burgundy Bean, and Light Violet. The main color of the case is complemented by a matching second color, making the case stand out. But this one is not only for the looks – it features TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection to keep your new phone scratch-free. It also ensures great grip, supports wireless charging, and has military grade protection.

Caseology Parallax Z Flip 4 case

Another case from Caseology comes from the popular line of the company Parallax. It features a recognizable 3D design that ensures enhanced ergonomics and secure grip for your new Z Flip 4. The Caseology Parallax is again featuring TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection, comes with military grade protection and is compatible with wireless charging. This case is available in two colors: Matte Black or Midnight Blue.

We’ll add more cases in this selection when other brands launch their collections, so stay tuned!


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