Best Google Pixel 6a deals and preorder offers

After Google announced the Pixel 6a in May during its typical annual I/O developer conference where the Pixel 7 duo was also teased, the mighty budget Pixel 6a is now up for preorder with a release scheduled for July 28. 

The best Pixel 6a deals come in the form of a Google free gift bundle, if you are planning to snatch one up, but the carriers are sure to follow with even better offers.

Google Pixel 6a deals on Amazon

Perhaps the best way to preorder a Google Pixel 6a is to snatch one from Amazon as the shipping will be fast and furious and Amazon will also bundle whatever deals Google has for the phone when the preorders go live at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time on July 21. The phone is available in all three official Google colors on Amazon – Sage, Charcoal, and Chalk – too.

Amazon would also carry the Pixel Buds Pro for the preorder period and after, with a very tantalizing price and available in all the official colors that Google will release the noise-cancelling earbuds in on July 28 – Coral, God, Charcoal, and Lemongrass.

Pixel 6a deals at Google

  • Free Google Pixel Buds with purchase

Pixel 6a deals at Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T

Since the GB62Z15 model of the Pixel 6a supports both mmWave and Sub-6GHz 5G networks, this one will be available on Verizon most likely at the price of free with a suitable 5G unlimited plan.

The GX7AS Pixel 6a version, though, is only showing sub-6GHz 5G network support, making it ideal for a cameo at T-Mobile and perhaps AT&T, as the unlocked version that Google  sells on its store will only be the one that supports all carriers, Verizon and its mmWave 5G network included.

T-Mobile and AT&T are also likely to list the Google Pixel 6a for free once it is released on their networks, as long as you sign up your soul for their 5G unlimited plan prices. The nature of the Pixel 6a’s $449 price is such that it will inevitably be rolled out on their prepaid plans, too, as well as on virtual carriers like Visible.

At its own Google Fi, however, the team form Mountain View is likely to have you enjoy the best Pixel 6a deal with a plan of all and let it out for free, plus it will come bundled with the Pixel Buds A earphones just as at Google’s own store.

Google Pixel 6a specs for the price

The Google Pixel 6a specs are nothing short of great for its $449 price, moreso that it comes with the same Google Tensor processor that proved itself in the image processing battle of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
  • 6.1-inch 1080p 60Hz display
  • Google Tensor GS101 processor
  • 6GB RAM/128GB Storage
  • 4410mAh
  • 30W charging speed
  • 12.2MP main camera with Sony IMX363 sensor
  • 12MP ultrawide camera with Sony IMX386 sensor
  • 8MP front camera with IMX355 sensor
  • 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm dimensions
We’ve heard plenty of good news about the improved camera kit on the Pixel 6a, despite the inclusion of the good ol’ Sony IMX363 in the phone’s photography roster. Since the rumors that the Pixel 6a could sport the 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor of the Pixel 6/Pro didn’t materialize, we are only left with the ultrawide camera upgrade compared to the Pixel 5a specs, in the form of a larger sensor pixel size to get more light in.

The Pixel 5a specs include a 12MP wide/16MP ultrawide camera setup, while this kit above features a different 12MP ultrawide camera sensor with much larger individual pixels which would let it take more light in. 

When coupled with the Tensor chipset by Google and its custom imaging processor, the Pixel 6a photography should be a step above the one from the Pixel 5a so we keep our hopes high for the next Google midranger that is about to be released on July 28.


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