Best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases to buy right now

The iPhone 14 official announcement is upon us – we’re mere hours away from the big reveal. We expect four models to break cover on September 7, namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But today we’re here to talk about iPhone 14 cases.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is obviously the big gun in this party, and being such it requires extra attention and care. The bigger the phone, the easier it is to accidentally drop it. Here’s our pick of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases you can get, even before the actual thing is released. You know, just in “case.”

Do iPhone 13 Pro Max cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

You might want to “cheat” the system and slap an old case onto the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Sadly, no cigar. Due to the increased thickness of the new model, and slightly different camera module, cases from the previous generation won’t fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max.Table of contents:

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max clear cases

You just can’t use your smartphone without a case nowadays, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a bright and shiny color variant. Unless you go for a clear case, that is. These iPhone 14 Pro Max clear cases will help you showcase your new gem in its full colorful glory.

Speck – Presidio Perfect-clear MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max case

The Perfect-Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max case by Speck is exactly what’s written on the tin – it is the clearest, super-protective, pocket-friendly case the company has to offer.

There are other bells and whistles too – this iPhone 14 Pro Max case features 13-foot drop protection, and the special Microban antimicrobial protection layer, that delivers up to a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria on the case.

This case is also fully MagSafe compatible, and will protect the screen and cameras thanks to the raised bezels.

Olixar iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe compatible Clear Case

Another solid option when it comes to clear cases comes from Olixar – it’s custom molded for the best fit, it’s perfectly clear, it comes with a MagSafe compatible magnetic ring, so you can enjoy all MagSafe accessories, and it’s also super slim and lightweight.

The Olixar iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case will fit like a glove on your new iPhone and it will become its second skin. It’s protective, stylish and also very affordable.

Ringke Fusion iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with card slot

Sometimes you want that extra storage space, and what better way to get it than to sneak in your precious cards and cash next to your precious smartphone. I have a friend who stores his cards and IDs under his phone inside the case, but with this Ringke Fusion iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case you won’t need to remove the cover to store your valuables – there’s an easy to access built-in cardholder.

Apart from doubling as your card storage, this case also offers lightweight and stylish protection for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, anti-slip material, raised bezels and access to all the necessary ports. Again, it’s pretty affordable as well.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max rugged cases

Sometimes protection is everything, and when your device costs north of $1,000 this is even more important. To get the best protection for your new iPhone, you need a rugged case. Granted, these are bulkier than the thin and clear cases we already covered but chances are they will save your iPhone 14 Pro Max in sudden cases of buttery fingers.

Olixar Anti-Shock Soft Light Blue iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

This case combines the stylish looks of a silicon thin case with the protection of an extreme rugged case. It offers great anti-shock characteristics, textured surface for better grip, access to all necessary ports, and last but not least, some really cool color variants.The Olixar Anti-Shock Soft Light Blue iPhone 14 Pro Max Case also comes with integrated buttons to keep dust and dirt away from your new phone, and it also has raised bezels for extra protection in case of accidental drops.

CaseBorne V iPhone 14 Pro Max case with military-grade protection

When things get serious we call the military! That’s why if you want maximum protection for your iPhone 14 Pro Max you should aim for a military-grade protection case. The CaseBorne V model offers such protection thanks to its multi-layered design.

This case can save your iPhone 14 Pro Max from drops up to 21 feet, which is really something. It also comes with an integrated kickstand, and some cool color options (bright green is our personal favorite).

Speck – Presidio2 Grip MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max case

Another option for a non-slip protective case is the Presidio2 Grip case with MagSafe support. It features the company’s new inverted non-slip grip pattern, along with 13 feed drop protection. The Armor Cloud technology offers additional protection in the form of tiny airbags that dampen the impact from potential drops.

This case is very slim and lightweight, and also comes with the proprietary Microban treatment, which reduces bacteria growth up to 99%.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max leather cases

Leather is always in fashion – not only does it offer great protection but it also looks stunning and gets even more stylish with age. If you want to add some style to your new iPhone 14 Pro Max, a leather case is the way to go.

SUANPOT Wallet case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

While we wait for big manufacturers such as Moment, Otterbox, and Apple itself to release their iPhone 14 Pro Max cases, there are a couple of not-so-popular options out there for the most impatient. This wallet case is one such option.

It comes packed full of features – it can hold up to 9 cards and also shield them against RFID scanners, it has an integrated kickstand, zip pocket, and can be purchased in various cool colors.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Stylish cases

This is the place for your glittery cases with butterflies and unicorns all over them. Sometimes you need to make a statement, and the world must see. There are a few really cool looking ones and much more to come.

LoveCases Blue Butterfly Gel Case – For iPhone 14 Pro Max

Speaking of butterflies, here’s a case that’s full of them. Express yourself with this iPhone 14 Pro Max case from LoveCases, and add some protection in the process. Cute but protective, as the company describes it, this case offers slim fit, lightweight design, and anti-scratch material. Apart from the blue butterflies, of course.


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